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As creative entrepreneurs and working mothers, we understand the challenges women face when we try to have it all. From building a business to chauffering the kiddos, the responsibilities of everyday can interfere with our desire for something more. We started The DesignDash Podcast with the goal of uncovering the keys to living a life of true fulfillment without the Mom Guilt or Imposter Syndrome. We're building an intentional practice of living life with curiosity and passion, without compromise.

Whether it’s traveling the world, starting a new business, finding a new creative obsession, or even just indulging in more self-care, we’re talking about it. And not just talking about it, but putting a plan in action to make these things happen!

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We're talking to entrepreneurs, designers, artists, wellness experts, and each other - creative people, who are juggling family and career with the pursuit of wanting something more.

Design a Life You Love

If you are wanting to take control of your life, to really enjoy it both personally and professionally, the DesignDash podcast is for you.

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