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Celebrating Powerful Women in Commercial Real Estate

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Commercial real estate was once dominated by men. But times are changing! From Camille Renshaw of B+E to Zainab Mohammed of WASL, women are making enormous waves in the commercial real estate industry. These commercial real estate women are incredible leaders who succeed at the very highest levels in CRE. Read on to learn more!

Eight Incredible Women Leading the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Camille Renshaw, CEO and Co-Founder of B+E

Camille Renshaw is the CEO and Co-Founder of B+E, a modern investment brokerage firm that specializes in net lease real estate and financing. With a background in technology and commercial real estate, Renshaw has overseen more than $30 billion in transaction volume.

Her innovative approach and entrepreneurial spirit have earned her recognition within the industry, including the CREW Network Entrepreneurial Spirit Impact Award in 2020. Renshaw’s leadership at B+E and her membership in CREW New York highlight her significant contributions to the commercial real estate sector.

Maureen McCaffrey, Director at MIT Investment Management Company

Maureen McCaffrey is the Director at the MIT Investment Management Company, where she focuses on innovation markets and stewardship of sustainability initiatives. She plays a critical role in the planning and development of mixed-use commercial real estate projects in Kendall Square, encompassing life science, office, residential, and retail spaces. Her work not only reflects a commitment to advancing real estate development but also underscores her dedication to promoting sustainability and diversity within the industry.

Debra Tantleff, Founding Principal of TANTUM Real Estate

Debra Tantleff is the Founding Principal of TANTUM Real Estate in New Jersey, where she focuses on creating boutique multi-family and mixed-use communities. Her background includes significant experience in development at Roseland Property Company, making her a prominent figure in real estate development. Tantleff’s leadership at TANTUM showcases her dedication to innovative and community-centric projects, underlining her role as a driving force in shaping vibrant living and commercial spaces in New Jersey.

Zainab Mohammed, CEO of Property Management and Marketing at Dubai Property Developer WASL

Zainab Mohammed serves as the CEO of Property Management and Marketing at Dubai property developer WASL, leading a team that has significantly contributed to the growth and development of Dubai’s real estate sector.

Her role encompasses overseeing property management strategies and marketing initiatives, with a focus on enhancing the value and appeal of residential and commercial properties. Mohammed’s leadership and innovative approach have played a crucial role in shaping Dubai’s property landscape, demonstrating her expertise and commitment to excellence in the real estate industry.

Chandra Dhandapani, CEO, Global Workplace Solutions, CBRE

Chandra Dhandapani serves as the CEO of Global Workplace Solutions at CBRE, where she leverages her extensive experience in technology and real estate services to innovate workplace solutions globally. Her leadership and forward-thinking approach have been instrumental in driving CBRE’s success in delivering integrated, client-focused services across a broad range of industries.

Dhandapani’s role underscores her commitment to enhancing workplace environments through strategic insights and technology integration, making significant contributions to the evolution of global workplace solutions.

Kristy Heuberger, Co-Head of the Americas, LaSalle Investment Management

Kristy Heuberger serves as the Co-Head of the Americas at LaSalle Investment Management, where she oversees a broad range of investment strategies and portfolio management activities. Her role is pivotal in guiding the firm’s strategic direction in the Americas, demonstrating a deep understanding of the real estate investment landscape. Heuberger’s leadership and expertise contribute significantly to LaSalle’s success in managing investments that deliver value to clients, showcasing her commitment to excellence in the field of real estate investment management.

Katie Gerner, Associate Principal at Annum Architects, Inc.

Katie Gerner, as an Associate Principal at Annum Architects, Inc., plays a crucial role in guiding complex architectural projects from conception through completion. Her expertise spans a range of architectural disciplines, with a focus on integrating contemporary design solutions that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of various spaces. Gerner’s leadership and project management skills are instrumental in delivering award-winning designs that meet the strategic objectives of clients and contribute positively to the built environment.

Onay Payne, Managing Director of Real Estate, Lafayette Square

Onay Payne was Managing Director of Real Estate at Lafayette Square, where she was responsible for overseeing the firm’s real estate investments. Her role involved developing and implementing strategies that not only focus on financial returns but also consider social impact, aligning with Lafayette Square’s mission to leverage investment as a tool for community development and sustainability. Payne’s expertise in real estate and commitment to creating positive societal change are evident in her leadership and strategic vision for the firm’s real estate portfolio. Today, Payne works at Manulife Investment Management as a senior managing director.

Ready to Connect with Other Amazing Women in the Commercial Real Estate Industry?

If you are ready to connect with other female commercial real estate professionals, we recommend looking into CREW. The CREW Network Foundation, established in 1998, is the only organization solely dedicated to advancing women in commercial real estate around the globe.

This premier business network focuses on bringing more women into the field through educational programs, mentoring for newcomers, and promoting career opportunities available within commercial real estate. The foundation’s efforts include initiatives like CREW Careers and UCREW to educate women and girls about the industry, in addition to supporting higher education and training through college scholarships and internships.

Learn More About CREW

The 2024 CREW Network Board of Directors is led by Karen Whitt, with members including Camille Renshaw, Marie McLucas, Marsha Womack, Sarah Mancuso, and Alisa Pyszka. These women are celebrated leaders in commercial real estate, with backgrounds ranging from real estate management and entrepreneurship to financial services and urban planning​. Emerging leaders in CRE should strongly consider working with CREW to advance women in the industry. Learn more here!