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What is the Forewarn App, and How Does it Help Realtors?

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The Forewarn App is a cutting-edge tool designed to enhance the safety and confidence of real estate professionals, particularly benefiting female realtors who often face safety concerns when meeting unknown clients. By allowing instant access to comprehensive background checks using just a phone number, Forewarn provides vital information such as criminal history, financial data, and property ownership. This proactive approach to safety empowers female realtors to make informed decisions about client meetings, increasing their security and peace of mind in a profession where they frequently work alone and in varied locations. Let’s discuss the app’s features in further detail so you know how to use it!

What is the Forewarn App?

This is a proactive safety and identity verification tool designed specifically for professionals, including real estate agents. It empowers real estate professionals with instant access to identity information, criminal history, property and vehicle ownership, financial data, and more, using just an incoming phone number. This allows agents to verify the identity of prospects before face-to-face meetings, enhancing their safety and enabling smarter interactions​.

Forewarn leverages leading-edge, AI/ML-driven technology and a massive data repository covering nearly the entirety of the U.S. adult population, providing real estate professionals with the ability to conduct instant due diligence on prospects. This tool is particularly valuable in an industry where agents frequently meet with unknown individuals, often alone and with limited information. By allowing agents to quickly verify a prospect’s background, Forewarn increases an agent’s confidence and provides peace of mind.

Why Was This App Created?

Forewarn addresses a significant challenge in the real estate industry: the need for safety without creating friction in the process of engaging prospects. Traditional due diligence methods are often time-consuming and costly, not fitting well with the fast-paced nature of real estate transactions. Forewarn’s solution is designed to provide real estate professionals with a quick and cost-effective way to perform due diligence, ensuring safer engagements with prospects without additional friction​ (FOREWARN)​.

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Real estate agents have found Forewarn to be a highly valuable tool, offering insights that significantly impact their safety and the quality of their interactions with clients. The ability to have instant knowledge about a prospect’s background can sometimes be life-saving, as evidenced by testimonials from real estate professionals who have used the app to uncover critical information about individuals they were about to meet.

What Does the Forewarn App Offer Real Estate Agents?

The Forewarn app offers real estate professionals a suite of safety and verification features, including instant identity verification using just a phone number, access to criminal history, financial data checks (like bankruptcies, liens, and foreclosures), and validation of current assets such as property and vehicle ownership. Read on for further details.

The Forewarn app enhances personal safety for real estate professionals by providing instant insight into the background of prospective clients. Utilizing only a phone number, forewarn users can instantly verify a prospect’s identity, conducting a nationwide criminal history search and uncovering residential and mobile history. This app streamlines the process of verifying inbound prospects, offering additional search functionality for further details such as nationwide property ownership history and address history related to the searched phone number.

Access to a Massive Data Repository

Forewarn searches tap into a massive data repository, ensuring real estate professionals gain comprehensive insights without the hassle of sifting through too many records. The ease of use is highlighted by features like the ability to search missed calls, providing a practical solution for real estate agents to stay informed and prepared.

An User-Friendly Interface

A brief video introduction available within the app offers a practical search tip, guiding users on efficiently utilizing the app’s capabilities. This, coupled with its focus on mobile identity verification through criminal records, property records, and financial indicators, makes Forewarn a valuable tool in the real estate industry.

Ethical and Legal Search

Forewarn respects the Fair Credit Reporting Act, ensuring that its use by real estate professionals is both ethical and legal. Should there be any need for assistance or further clarification on the app’s functionalities, contacting Forewarn customer support is straightforward, providing users with the necessary Forewarn access credentials and support.

Gain Instant Insight Without Awkward Prospective Client Interactions

In essence, Forewarn serves as a powerful tool intended for the real estate market, offering instant insight into a prospective client’s background with just a phone number. Its capability to provide details on previous owners, verify identity, and reveal potential financial risks without the fear of encountering the wrong phone number or criminal intent adds a layer of security and efficiency unmatched in the real estate sector.

Final Thoughts on Using the Forewarn App

By actively monitoring search terms and ensuring the database covers a broad adult population, Forewarn not only aids in personal safety but also enhances the decision-making process for real estate professionals. With Forewarn, agents have a practical and reliable method at their fingertips to ensure they can conduct their business with increased confidence and peace of mind.

For more information about the app, contact Forewarn Support here.