Create with Confidence
Share Your Experience, Seek Advice, and Find Lasting Support

When you join Dasher Network, you belong to a community of individuals who understand the creative experience and its challenges.

Working solo is a treasured practice for many creatives. But when you’re running a business, designing your life, and intentionally integrating it all, you need support. The Dasher Network connects you with other creative entrepreneurs who are seeking growth, confidence, and a sounding board for ideas

Monthly Meetups

Gain insight and feedback in structured group sessions

Support at Any Time

Access a private FB community for 24/7 support, plus weekly coffee chats

Confidential Transparency

Gain emotional and professional support from a diverse group of creatives, where everyone has a voice

Accountability, Self-Confidence, Resilience

A network of passionate, motivated individuals will push you to meet goals in both work and life

Share Skills and Learn Something New

Solve problems collaboratively in a focused and productive environment

Laura and Melissa have a wealth of knowledge and I'm so grateful to you for creating a safe space for us to be vulnerable and transparent.

Rhonnika Clifton, ASID, RJ Clifton Designs

I feel like we got so much great information from this. We had questions and Laura had answers!

The DesignDash


Growth through Connection

Looking for a support system, but without the structure? Join our Facebook group. All creatives are welcome.

Our private, online community connects you with others in the pursuit of inspiration and self-discovery. This is our space to encourage and support each other. Discuss your challenges and offer feedback to others in a totally judgment-free zone. We’ll prompt discussions weekly, sharing insight and advice in the areas of design, art, travel, wellness, technology, and of course, the integration of work and life.

frequently asked


How much does membership in the Dasher Network cost?

Dasher Network membership carries an admission fee of $1500, then dues are $865 monthly for the 6 months duration of the cohort. This investment ensures that members are fully committed to participating in and contributing to all sessions, including the 2-day in-person retreat. Keep an eye out for sign on perks! We often waive the admission fee for early birds.

What can I expect as a member of the Dasher Network?

Prepare to spend the next 6 months finding confidence, expanding your network, and meeting your goals. As a member of the Dasher Network, you'll enjoy a structured program that offers both group and individual sessions. Every month, we'll meet virtually for our a 2.5-hour group advisory meeting. Our agenda begins with a 30-minute, interactive learning component focusing on a specific area of your business, like pricing, hiring, or marketing. After that, we'll select one or two members to take the "Hot Seat," bringing a topic of their choosing for the group to discuss. Each week, we'll meet one-on-one during our Coffee Chat, where you'll receive individual coaching from Laura and Melissa. In addition, you'll have 24/7 access to your Dasher Network through our online social platform. And don't forget! We'll host our 2-day in-person session at High Point Market, where you'll get insider access to vendors, participate in workshops, and enjoy wellness experiences with your group.

Why do I have to apply to Dasher Network?

We want everyone in Dasher Network to find similarities with their colleagues, while also discovering the benefits of a diverse group of individuals. The application process allows us to pair you with peers that will both support and challenge you.  Because Dasher Network relies on honest collaboration and shared experience, we assemble groups based on creative approach, professional expertise, lifestyle, and a few other factors. 

What makes Dasher Network so special?

We are woman-owned and led, and our focus is on other female entrepreneurs. We emphasize the collective experience we all share by focusing on what’s challenging our members specifically, not just the industry as a whole. Our members drive every discussion, from deciding workshop topics to setting the tone in our monthly meetings. Because we are so member-driven, you will have a direct impact on your experience. Along with your peers, we are here to guide you with 24/7 support in our online community.

What is needed to join the community vs. Dasher Network?

The Facebook community is completely free to join and you can come and go as you need. Dasher Network relies on enthusiastic participation to work. Because of this, there is a fee to join. All of this will be discussed with you during the application process. Don't let this dissuade you! Dasher Network membership comes with A LOT of perks. We can't wait to share them with you.

What is the annual retreat like?

It will be so much fun! Each year, we will pick a different location to host our in-person meetup. For Winter/Spring 2024 cohort, we'll be attending High Point Market in North Carolina together. Over the course of 2 days, we will participate in special workshops, goal-setting sessions, and host activities that address our mental and physical well-being. We'll tour market together, sharing tips and tricks for taking full advantage of vendor relationships, as well as introducing you to some movers and shakers in the industry. You will be with your Dasher Network group, so any discussions from the previous month or in our online forum can be continued. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, motivated, and supported.