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Where Can I Take Online Photography Classes in Different Disciplines?

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Whether you are interested in fashion photography or wildlife photography, these online courses will help you expand your knowledge, explore new disciplines, and refine techniques at your own pace. Ready to produce stunning images that resonate with viewers and advance your career? Read on!

Pros and Cons of Taking an In-Person Photography Course vs an Online Class

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Not sure whether to take an online photography course or attend in-person? In-person classes offer immediate feedback from instructors, but online courses let you learn at your own pace. Let’s weigh the pros and cons before you register.

Advantages and Drawbacks of In-Person Classes

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In-person photography courses provide a hands-on learning experience that allows for direct access to equipment and immediate practice so you can quickly become a more experienced photographer. Real-time feedback from instructors, access to a personal mentor, and live demonstrations can significantly enhance understanding and skill acquisition. The structured environment of a classroom fosters discipline and provides immediate support from both instructors and peers.

These courses also offer valuable networking opportunities, enabling you to build relationships with fellow students, instructors, and industry professionals. Such connections can lead to collaborative projects and real-world practice, which are crucial for developing a professional portfolio. However, the cost of in-person courses can be high due to tuition, commuting, and potential accommodation expenses. Furthermore, the need to attend classes at specific times can limit flexibility, making it challenging for those with busy schedules or other commitments.

What About Online Photography Classes?

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On the other hand, online photography classes offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to study at your own pace and on your own schedule. This flexibility is ideal for balancing other commitments, such as work or family, and enables access to courses from anywhere in the world, removing geographic limitations. Online classes are often more cost-effective than in-person courses, eliminating commuting costs and sometimes offering lower tuition fees.

The vast array of online resources, including tutorials and materials, allows you to revisit and review content as needed, which is beneficial for mastering complex concepts. However, online learning requires a high level of self-motivation and discipline, as the lack of a structured environment can lead to procrastination. Interaction with instructors and peers is limited to virtual communication, which can reduce the immediacy of feedback and support.

The absence of hands-on practice and studio settings may make it harder to develop practical skills. For example, online courses might be perfect for still life photography or stock photography, but might not provide the instruction needed to produce incredible wildlife shots or excel in photojournalism.

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15 Platforms for Online Photography Classes

The Professional Photographers of America (PPA)

Sign Up for Classes Here: PPA Education

The PPA offers a comprehensive range of courses for professional photographers, including certification programs, webinars, and workshops. Their educational resources cover everything from advanced photography techniques and post-processing to business and marketing strategies. Membership provides access to all educational content and additional professional benefits.


Sign Up for Classes Here: Fstoppers

Fstoppers offers high-end tutorials and professional photography courses created by some of the world’s best photographers. Their content focuses on advanced techniques in various genres, including commercial, fashion, landscape, and portrait photography. Courses also cover retouching, lighting, and business skills, providing comprehensive training for professionals.

British Academy of Photography

Sign Up for Classes Here: British Academy of Photography

The British Academy of Photography offers professional-level courses that cover advanced photography techniques, post-production, and professional practices. Their courses are designed to provide a comprehensive education that can enhance a professional photographer’s skills and career prospects.

NYIP (New York Institute of Photography)

NYIP offers advanced and specialized courses for professional photographers, including certification programs. Their curriculum includes advanced photography techniques, business practices, and specialized genres such as wedding photography and photojournalism. NYIP provides a structured learning path with professional accreditation.

Magnum Photos

Sign Up for Classes Here: Magnum Photos

Magnum Photos offers masterclasses and workshops conducted by some of the most renowned photographers in the world. These courses provide deep insights into documentary photography, photojournalism, and fine art photography. Magnum’s educational programs are ideal for professionals looking to learn from industry legends.


Sign Up for Classes Here: PRO EDU
PRO EDU specializes in advanced tutorials for professional photographers and retouchers. Their courses cover a wide range of topics, including high-end retouching, commercial photography, and specialized genres like product or boudoir photography. PRO EDU’s content is designed to help professionals refine their skills and expand their creative and business capabilities.


Sign Up for Classes Here: Coursera Photography Courses
Coursera offers a variety of photography courses taught by instructors from top universities and institutions. You can find courses on digital photography, photo editing, and specialized topics like portrait or landscape photography. Some courses are free to audit, while others offer certification for a fee.


Sign Up for Classes Here: Udemy Photography Courses
Udemy provides a vast selection of photography courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Topics include basic photography skills, advanced techniques, photo editing with software like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, and niche areas such as food or street photography. Courses are available for a one-time fee, often with discounts.


Sign Up for Classes Here: Skillshare Photography Classes
Skillshare offers a subscription-based service with thousands of photography classes. You can learn about camera settings, lighting, composition, and post-processing. Skillshare’s community-based platform allows you to interact with instructors and fellow students, enhancing your learning experience.


Sign Up for Classes Here: MasterClass Photography
MasterClass features classes taught by world-renowned photographers like Annie Leibovitz and Jimmy Chin. These classes focus not only on technical skills but also on the creative process and storytelling. MasterClass operates on a subscription model, offering access to all classes on the platform.


Sign Up for Classes Here: CreativeLive Photography Classes
CreativeLive offers live and on-demand classes taught by top professionals in the field. Subjects include wedding photography, portraiture, lighting techniques, and post-processing. Classes can be purchased individually or accessed through a CreativeLive subscription.

Photography Life

Sign Up for Classes Here: Photography Life
Photography Life provides free and paid online photography courses that cover a wide range of topics. The site also features tutorials, reviews, and articles to help you improve your photography skills and knowledge.

The School of Photography

Sign Up for Classes Here: The School of Photography
The School of Photography offers structured online courses for all skill levels. Topics include beginner photography, advanced techniques, photo editing, and specific genres like macro or travel photography. Courses are available for purchase individually.


Sign Up for Classes Here: Phlearn
Phlearn specializes in photography and Photoshop tutorials. The platform offers in-depth courses on photo editing, retouching, and creative techniques. Phlearn provides both free tutorials and subscription-based access to premium content.

Karl Taylor Education

Sign Up for Classes Here: Karl Taylor Education
Karl Taylor Education provides comprehensive photography courses taught by professional photographer Karl Taylor. The platform covers technical aspects, creative techniques, and business skills. Subscription-based, it offers access to a vast library of tutorials and live workshops.

Final Thoughts on Taking Online Photography Classes

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With the convenience of learning at your own pace and the wealth of resources available, you can master new techniques, refine your skills, and explore diverse genres without geographical constraints. We encourage you to take the next step in your photography journey with confidence and curiosity, knowing that the only limit is your imagination. Best of luck!