Growth through Connection

Welcome to the DesignDash Creative Council, your ongoing partner in design business excellence. Whether you're a graduate of our DesignDash Mastermind, a design business owner seeking structured growth, or a Creative Director seeking leadership support, the Creative Council is tailored to foster your continued success.

By starting your membership with a personalized business and career audit, you'll identify and address the areas that concern you most. This initial deep dive will help you develop a clear, customized strategy, ensuring that you're set up for personal and professional growth. You'll gain a solid foundation that not only enhances your operational effectiveness but also boosts your confidence in making strategic decisions, allowing you to focus on your creative passions with greater peace of mind.

The Creative Council is right for you if...
You want Personalized Business Guidance

Kick off your membership with a personalized, comprehensive two-hour audit of your design business, setting the foundation for tailored growth and strategic refinement.

You need structured Quarterly and Annual Strategic Planning

Engage in structured group sessions including three quarterly planning sessions and one annual review each year, designed to strategically propel your business forward.

You'd benefit from Monthly Coffee Chats

Connect monthly via Zoom in an open-forum setting, allowing you to discuss ongoing projects, challenges, and breakthroughs with peers who understand your journey.

You need a Comprehensive Resource Library
Access a vast library of business documents, templates, and video tutorials, including essential tools like annual budget documents, cash flow templates, project budgeting calculators, and salary calculators.
You enjoy Continuous Community Engagement
Benefit from an ever-active online community platform for daily support and interaction, ensuring you're never alone in your entrepreneurial journey.

Join today and sustain your growth, enhance your business operations, and achieve lasting success in the design industry

You deserve to feel confident in your creative business and fulfilled in your life!

The DesignDash Creative Council is designed to bolster your confidence and fulfillment as a creative professional. The Council addresses the complexities of managing a design business while ensuring you stay true to your creative vision. This comprehensive support system not only refines your business operations but also fosters a community where you can share challenges and WINS, ensuring you never feel isolated in your entrepreneurial journey. In the Creative Council you’ll enjoy:

How the creative council works:

With a thorough initial business or career assessment, ongoing strategic planning, and a rich resource library, the DesignDash Creative Council addresses the complexities of managing a design business while ensuring you stay true to your creative vision. We guide you each step of the way and clearly communicate.

frequently asked


What is the DesignDash Creative Council?

The DesignDash Creative Council is an invitation-only membership program designed to support and propel design business owners, Creative Directors, and select design professionals towards exceptional growth and strategic refinement in their careers. By joining the Council, members engage in a personalized business and career audit, structured strategic planning, and continuous community interaction, all aimed at enhancing operational effectiveness and boosting overall confidence in business decisions.

Who should join the Creative Council?

The Council is ideal for:
- Graduates of our DesignDash Mastermind seeking further growth and continued connection.
- Design business owners who need structured guidance to scale their operations.
- Creative Directors looking for leadership support and community engagement.

What are the key benefits of joining the Creative Council?

Members of the Creative Council enjoy:

  • Personalized Business Guidance: Begin with a comprehensive two-hour audit of your design business to lay the groundwork for customized growth strategies.
  • Strategic Planning: Participate in three quarterly and one annual planning session each year to continuously advance your business goals.
  • Monthly Coffee Chats: Engage in open-forum discussions via Zoom to share insights and experiences with peers.
  • Ever-evolving Resource Library: Gain access to essential business tools, templates, and video tutorials to streamline your operations, all based on the needs we explore in our Council sessions.
  • Continuous Community Engagement: Connect with an active online community for daily support and interaction.
How does membership work?

Upon joining, members pay an enrollment fee of $1899, which covers the initial personalized session to kickstart the membership. This is followed by a monthly commitment of $299 for 12 months, ensuring ongoing access to all council benefits including strategic sessions, resource library, and community support.

What makes the Creative Council different from the DesignDash Mastermind?

The DesignDash Creative Council is tailored to entrepreneurs, creatives in the C-Suite, and those focused on career acceleration. The Council is by-invitation and we are currently extending invitations and accepting applications for our "Founding Members", limited to 50 creative professionals. The Council meets virtually 4x per year for strategic planning, monthly for virtual "coffee chat", and in person at select industry events throughout the year. 

The DesignDash Mastermind is exclusively for business owners in the interior design industry. The Mastermind is limited to a total of 8 individuals in each cohort with monthly structured sessions consisting of a focused educational component and the opportunity to work directly on each member's top-of-mind issues. We work together to implement processes and tools directly into each member's business in real time. The Mastermind also includes one in-person retreat every 6 months.

The structured approach to strategic planning and the focus on both personal and professional growth is a goal of both programs. Each provide tools and resources specifically crafted for design business management, coupled with opportunities for real-time engagement with industry peers.

How can I join the Creative Council?

We would love to hear from you! Simply click on the "Request Membership" button on our website, complete the short form, and you'll hear back quickly from us.  Thank you so much for your interest in our community of like-minded professionals eager to share their experiences and support each other in achieving their dreams.

Fee Structure

Foundation Fee

  • Cost of Enrollment and Business Review

twelve monthly payments

  • Twelve Payments

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