In this week’s episode, we delve deep into the captivating world of design with none other than Gin Braverman, the founder and creative director of Gin Design Group. Join us as we sit down with the brilliant mind behind the enchanting spaces that have defined Houston’s hospitality scene for over a decade. Gin’s touch has transformed the landscape of Houston’s culinary experiences.

In our candid conversation, Gin opens up about her unconventional path to success, revealing that her journey was not always paved with intention. She shares the highs and lows of navigating a career in design while balancing the demands of motherhood. As working mothers ourselves, we dive deep into the topic of mom guilt, exploring the challenges of juggling professional ambitions with the joys of raising a family. We also explore the transformative power of travel, and how immersing ourselves in new cultures can ignite our creativity and expand our horizons.

So, whether you’re a design enthusiast, a fellow working parent, or simply curious about the stories behind the spaces we inhabit, join us for an illuminating conversation with Gin Braverman. Together, we’ll uncover the layers of creativity, motherhood, and reality that shape our lives and spaces.


The DesignDash Podcast is sponsored by Monogram Luxury Appliances.

Monogram is a long time partner and go to for us at DesignDash, as well as our design firm, Laura U Design Collective. We love them because they believe in three main pillars that we, as creatives, can easily get behind: sourcing superior Materials, offering high-quality Performance, and taking Ownership. Each of these upholds their commitment to high quality, innovation, and their ongoing relationships with designers and homeowners. 

Key takeways

  1. Balancing your professional life with motherhood can be difficult, but remember that quality time is can be important than quantity when it comes to spending time with your kids.
  2. In Today’s world, it’s important to be adaptable because things are always changing.
  3. The design industry isn’t always as glamourous as it seems.


We believe that all creatives must pursue their curiosity, wherever it takes them. Satisfy your wanderlust with a curated journal of the beauty that surrounds us in art, travel, wellness, and design.

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