Welcome to another episode of our podcast! Today, we are thrilled to have Carrie Colbert join us. After working for nearly two decades in the energy industry, Carrie made a switch to pursue her creative passions. She built a strong following on Instagram and created a popular blog, leveraging her success to connect with female-led brands. This journey led her to start Curate Capital, a venture dedicated to supporting female-founded consumer brands and breaking down funding barriers.

In this episode, Carrie shares her incredible journey and the inspiration behind her focus on female-led brands. She dives deep into the importance of women supporting women and highlights the challenges female founders face in securing funding despite their proven high performance.

We discuss how being an entrepreneur has given her the flexibility to design a life she loves, one that caters to all facets of her being. Carrie opens up about the balance she strives to maintain as a mother, ensuring she spends quality time with her kids. We also get an exciting glimpse into the future as Carrie talks about the launch of her second fund this fall.

This episode is packed with insights, inspiration, and practical advice for anyone looking to follow their passions and support female entrepreneurs. Don’t miss out on this inspiring conversation with Carrie Colbert!


The DesignDash Podcast is sponsored by Monogram Luxury Appliances.

Monogram is a long time partner and go to for us at DesignDash, as well as our design firm, Laura U Design Collective. We love them because they believe in three main pillars that we, as creatives, can easily get behind: sourcing superior Materials, offering high-quality Performance, and taking Ownership. Each of these upholds their commitment to high quality, innovation, and their ongoing relationships with designers and homeowners. 


  1. Don’t limit your dreams. Allow yourself to think outside the box and imagine how wonderful things could be.
  2. Look back at all you’ve accomplished and allow yourself to be proud of that.
  3. Look at everything like a learning experience, even if it wasn’t exactly what you wanted to be doing.


We believe that all creatives must pursue their curiosity, wherever it takes them. Satisfy your wanderlust with a curated journal of the beauty that surrounds us in art, travel, wellness, and design.

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