EPISODE 20: How To Create What’s Possible in Your Business and Your Life WITH ERIN CUMMINGS


This week, we had the pleasure of having an eye-opening conversation with Erin Cummings, an inspiring entrepreneur and and the visionary behind Yes Yoga, a transformative lifestyle brand in Texas. In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Erin is also an accomplished writer. She authored “The Possibility Project,” a guided journal that encourages readers to explore what’s possible in their lives by focusing on what they truly value and what’s already working for them.

Erin emphasized the importance of intentional living, which began when she and her husband who actually she met during her high school moved to Houston without any family support. A move that forced them to become goal-oriented and mindful about their choices, setting the stage for Erin’s entrepreneurial spirit. 

 A significant part of our discussion centered around the concept of work-life balance which Erin argued that balance is an elusive goal and that it’s more about making intentional choices and being okay with the resulting imbalance. She says, “The scales are always tipped one way or the other. Nothing is ever perfectly balanced.” Erin advocates for focusing on what truly matters at any given moment, stating, “You have to choose intentionally where your focus is one thing at a time.” She underscores the reality of imbalance, adding, “It’s about making intentional choices and being okay with the resulting imbalance.”

Erin also shared a pretty good advice about self-reflection and intentional decision-making. She shared her strategy of asking if, “In five years, if I’m doing the same thing, will I still be happy?” This forward-thinking question helps identify necessary changes and align actions with long-term goals. 

Key Takeaways from the Episode:

  • Erin emphasizes the art of setting clear goals and being deliberate in making decisions for both personal and professional in order to achieve a fulfilling life.
  • Erin introduces a unique approach to mindfulness, combining it with metrics to track mental health and well-being similar to business KPIs.

Tune into this inspiring episode as Erin Cummings takes us through her incredible journey, offering valuable lessons on entrepreneurship, mindfulness, and the power of intentional living.


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