EPISODE 19: Let’s do a Mid-Year Check-In


Can you believe we’re already halfway through 2024?! I want you to check in with yourself real quick. Remember those big goals you set for yourself this year? How are you doing? Are you on track to hit them? Or wayyyyyy behind?

Reflecting on progress, celebrating wins and learning from our successes and setbacks is an essential part of our growth, along with staying open to new possibilities, and a willingness to adjust our goals if need be.

In this episode, Melissa and I reflect on our achievements, challenges, and the invaluable insights shared by our extraordinary guests from the past quarter like venture capitalist Carrie Colbert, Dress for Success Houston’s Lauren Levicki, content creator Jen White, and burnout expert Avery Thatcher.

We talk about setting goals for the rest of the year, ditching the all-or-nothing approach, and finding small ways to make progress. Discover how small, intentional changes can lead to significant growth and why embracing the present moment is crucial for success.


The DesignDash Podcast is sponsored by Monogram Luxury Appliances.

Monogram is a long time partner and go to for us at DesignDash, as well as our design firm, Laura U Design Collective. We love them because they believe in three main pillars that we, as creatives, can easily get behind: sourcing superior Materials, offering high-quality Performance, and taking Ownership. Each of these upholds their commitment to high quality, innovation, and their ongoing relationships with designers and homeowners. 


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