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Reality Bites and Design Delights: The Best Interior Design Shows

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If you share our passion for captivating home design shows, you’re in good company. Whether it’s the whimsical transformations orchestrated by Lisa’s team on “Design Alchemy” or the witty exchanges between Alex and Sofia on “Home Sweet Revamp,” there’s nothing quite like witnessing the makeover magic unfold. In the era of endless streaming choices, we often feel overwhelmed. Sometimes, all you need is a mental reset, and what better way to achieve that than through the art of interior design? These shows cover a spectrum of home improvements, decor inspirations, and clever tips. They have the power to ignite your creative spark—whether it’s a simple decluttering project, a fresh coat of paint, or a DIY adventure in the making. These are the best interior design shows on Netflix, HBO, and beyond!

15 Interior Design Shows on Netflix, HBO, and Beyond

Whether you’re looking to reimagine your own living space or simply want to revel in the artistry of design, you’re in for a binge-watching extravaganza. From the comfort of your couch, join us as we delve into the most captivating interior design shows across streaming platforms. 

The Great Interior Design Challenge

“The Great Interior Design Challenge” is a popular British television series that combines elements of interior design, competition, and creativity. The show has had multiple hosts throughout its seasons—including Tom Dyckhoff and Daniel Hopwood.

“The Great Interior Design Challenge” is primarily aimed at interior design enthusiasts, individuals interested in home renovation, and anyone who enjoys watching creative competitions and transformations.

The show features amateur interior designers competing in a series of design challenges. Contestants come from various backgrounds and levels of design experience. 

The show offers valuable design tips and ideas—making it inspirational for those looking to enhance their own living spaces. Additionally, the panel of expert judges provides constructive feedback and insights into the world of interior design.

 “The Great Interior Design Challenge” has been broadcast on BBC Two in the UK. It’s also available on various streaming platforms—including Netflix—making it accessible to a global audience. The show had a total of 4 seasons from 2014 to 2017. 

Dream Home Makeover

“Dream Home Makeover” is a popular interior design and home renovation series that offers viewers a glimpse into the world of high-end home transformations. It is hosted by Shea and Syd McGee—a talented husband-and-wife design duo. Together, they are the founders of Studio McGee—a well-known interior design firm in Utah. Shea McGee serves as the show’s main host and narrator.

Each episode of “Dream Home Makeover” follows Shea and Syd McGee as they take on various home design projects. They work with clients to turn their existing houses into dream homes—often undergoing major renovations and aesthetic makeovers.

Shea’s design aesthetic is a blend of modern and traditional elements—resulting in timeless and elegant interiors. The show also provides practical design tips and ideas that viewers can apply to their own homes.

“Dream Home Makeover” is available for streaming on Netflix—making it easily accessible to a global audience. As of 2023, “Dream Home Makeover” has a total of 4 seasons—the first one airing in January 2021 and the last season in December 2022. 

Designing Miami

“Designing Miami” is one of the latest design shows on Netflix. With a husband and wife team at the helm, it brings all the drama.

In this captivating series, we get an exclusive peek into the lives of Eilyn Jimenez and Raymond Jimenez—both renowned Miami-based designers. Eilyn is the creative force behind Sire Design and Raymond is the visionary founder of Raymond Nicholas design house. The latter goes through its own transformation during “Designing Miami.” Together, Eilyn and Raymond not only navigate the competitive design industry but also share the unique bond of marriage. 

As the show unfolds, viewers are treated to an intimate portrayal of their professional journeys and the intricate dynamics of their relationship. When it comes to reality TV, this show distinguishes itself by eschewing Hollywood-style theatrics and unnecessary drama. Instead, it authentically captures the struggles of operating separate businesses while encouraging one’s spouse.

Currently, the show has only one season on Netflix with the last episode airing on September 21, 2022. “Designing Miami” Season 2 has not been canceled or renewed by Netflix.

Restored by the Fords

“Restored by the Fords” is a home renovation and design series that originally aired on HGTV. The show is hosted by sibling duo Leanne and Steve Ford. Leanne is an interior designer, while Steve is a licensed contractor. Together, they bring their design and renovation expertise to transform outdated homes into stunning, modern living spaces.

This series is created for homeowners looking for design inspiration, fans of home renovation and interior design shows, and viewers interested in the dynamics of working with a sibling team in the home improvement industry.

Each episode of the show follows Leanne and Steve as they take on various home renovation projects in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They breathe new life into dilapidated houses that have seen better days—combining Leanne’s design vision with Steve’s construction skills to create beautiful and functional spaces.

“Restored by the Fords” originally aired on HGTV, but it may also be available for streaming on various platforms, including the HGTV app and platforms like Hulu or Amazon Prime Video. Availability can vary by region and over time.  The show has a total of two seasons from 2016 – 2019. 

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Old House New Home 

“Old House, New Home” is a British home renovation and interior design television series that offers viewers a unique perspective on transforming historic properties into modern living spaces.

Each episode of the series features George Clarke working with homeowners who own historic or period homes in need of modernization. George—with his expertise in architecture and design—guides the homeowners through the renovation process.

“Old House, New Home” offers inspiration for those who are passionate about preserving the character of older homes while updating them to meet contemporary living standards.

“Old House, New Home” originally aired on Channel 4 in the UK. It may also be available for streaming on various platforms—including Channel 4’s official website or streaming services that carry Channel 4 content. The series had a total of 9 seasons from 2016 to 2023. Season 10 is yet to be announced. 

Grand Designs

“Grand Designs” is a British television series that focuses on the construction and renovation of unique and ambitious homes. The show is hosted by Kevin McCloud—a British presenter and designer known for his passion for architecture and construction. 

Each episode of “Grand Designs” follows the journey of individuals or families as they embark on the adventure of building their dream homes. These are not your typical houses. They often feature cutting-edge designs, sustainable building techniques, and unique architectural concepts.

“Grand Designs” originally aired on Channel 4 in the UK. It is available for streaming on various platforms, including Channel 4’s official website, and it may also be available on streaming services that carry Channel 4 content. “Grand Designs” has a total of 23 seasons from 1999 to 2022.

Design in Mind 

This documentary series offers an exclusive backstage pass to delve into the creative endeavors of renowned architects and artists deeply inspired by classical design principles. “Design in Mind” stands as an authentic documentary series produced by the ICAA, offering insightful profiles of architects, artists, and designers.

The production of the “Design in Mind” series was funded through the gracious support of the estate of Christopher H. Browne and the Orville Gordon Browne Foundation. It had a total of three episodes: Bunny Williams – Not a House but a Home (2021), Robert A.M. Stern: Always a Student (2018), and On Location with James Ivory (2019).

Stay Here

“Stay Here” is a television series hosted by interior designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer. The show is co-hosted by Genevieve Gorder and Peter Lorimer. Genevieve Gorder is a well-known interior designer, and Peter Lorimer is a real estate entrepreneur and co-founder of PLG Estates.

The show revolves around the concept of short-term vacation rentals. In each episode, Genevieve Gorder and Peter Lorimer visit different vacation rental properties and work with the owners to transform and enhance these spaces to attract more guests and generate higher rental income.

“Stay Here” originally aired on Netflix—making it available to a global audience through the streaming platform. It has only one season, which aired in 2018. 

Interior Design Masters

“Interior Design Masters” is a British reality competition television series that combines the excitement of a game show with the world of interior design. The show pits 10 amateur interior designers against each other in a bid to win a life-changing commercial contract.  

The premise of the show involves contestants competing in various design challenges—each designed to test their ability to meet different client briefs in both commercial and residential settings. Throughout the series, contestants take on the challenge of redesigning commercial spaces—including shops, restaurants, and salons.

The hosting duties have evolved over the series. In 2019, the show was hosted by Fearne Cotton for one season. Starting in 2021, Alan Carr took over as the host, and the judging panel featured former Elle Decor Editor-in-Chief Michelle Ogundehin. 

The show also includes a rotating panel of guest judges—with experts such as interior stylist Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, retail expert Mary Portas, and home designer Jade Jagger. It’s currently airing on BBC One—with a new season scheduled for 2024.

Happy to Be Home with the Benkos

“Happy to Be Home with the Benkos” is a captivating series that premiered on the Magnolia Network in April 2023. This show features the dynamic husband-and-wife duo Gray and Mike Benko—who embark on the transformation of historic homes.

Gray Benko—a photographer turned interior designer—brings her unique perspective to the series with a keen eye for composition and a talent for reviving historic spaces using unexpected colors and patterns. Her husband is a true artisan—skilled in woodworking, painting, power washing, and even the occasional guitar playing.

The show takes viewers to the charming landscapes of South Carolina’s low country—where Gray and Mike work alongside Gray’s father and contractor. They affectionately refer to Gray’s father as “Grumpy.” Together, they infuse historic homes with colorful and whimsical upgrades—creating spaces filled with joy and charm.

“Happy to Be Home with the Benkos” focuses on the art of historic home makeovers, and viewers can expect to witness the transformation of these timeless properties into vibrant and inviting spaces. The show combines elements of interior design, renovation, and the warmth of family collaboration.

For those eager to catch the latest episodes, “Happy to Be Home with the Benkos” airs on the Magnolia Network at 8 p.m. every Sunday. As of the first season, four episodes have already been aired. If you need to catch up or simply want to enjoy the series from the beginning, all episodes are available for streaming on Discovery+ and HBO Max. 

Made by Design

The “Made by Design Show” is a significant event in Nigeria. This event is dedicated to luxury home and hospitality products, as well as design education. It stands as Nigeria’s largest and most prestigious trade event in the luxury home and hospitality industry. 

The primary mission of the MBD Show is to promote growth and innovation within Nigeria’s rapidly expanding luxury home and hospitality sector. Design Week Lagos (DWL)  is one of the leading design events on the African continent. 

DWL was established to celebrate and promote African design excellence across various categories. It serves as a platform for showcasing the best in contemporary African design, including fashion, interior design, architecture, and more.

Now, there’s a television show dedicated to showcasing their work. As Alice Finney writes in this article for Dezeen, this series “celebrates the work of 13 architects and designers who live and work in Nigeria.” At the conclusion of each season, “Titi Ogufere picks five architects and designers featured in the TV show for Dezeen that she believes deserve greater recognition.”

The Property Brothers Franchise

The “Property Brothers” franchise is a popular home renovation and real estate television series that features identical twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott. Drew is a real estate expert, while Jonathan is a licensed contractor and skilled in home renovations and design.

The original series follows Drew and Jonathan as they assist homebuyers in finding a fixer-upper property and transforming it into their dream home. Jonathan handles the renovations, and Drew helps clients navigate the real estate market.

The “Property Brothers” franchise airs on various networks—including HGTV and the Discovery family of networks. Additionally, episodes may be available for streaming on platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and the HGTV app.

In 2023, “Property Brothers” is making a comeback with its eighth season on HGTV. This renovation series once again brings the Property Brothers into friendly competition as they strive to outdo each other by flipping homes and aiming for the highest selling price.

This Old House

“This Old House” is a highly acclaimed and long-running television series dedicated to home renovation and restoration. It has been hosted by various experts and professionals in the field of home improvement and renovation over the years. The original host was Bob Vila—who has since become a household name. Subsequent seasons have featured different hosts—including contractors, carpenters, and designers.

Each season typically focuses on a specific home improvement project—ranging from full-house renovations to smaller, specialized projects like kitchen remodels or landscaping upgrades. The show provides a detailed and step-by-step look at the renovation process—including planning, construction, and design aspects.


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The show offers a wealth of knowledge on various aspects of home renovation and restoration—from structural improvements to design and landscaping. The emphasis on preserving the unique charm and history of older homes sets it apart from many other home improvement shows.

“This Old House” originally aired on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) in the United States and is widely available for viewing on the PBS website. Additionally, episodes and seasons may be available on various streaming platforms—including Amazon Prime Video and other digital streaming services. “This Old House” is currently in its 44th season and continues to hold its position as one of the top-rated home improvement shows on television.

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

“The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes” is a television series that explores and showcases some of the most remarkable and unique houses from around the world. The show is hosted by award-winning architect Piers Taylor and property developer Caroline Quentin. Piers Taylor brings his architectural expertise to the series, while Caroline Quentin provides a relatable and enthusiastic perspective.

Each episode of the series takes viewers on a global journey to discover homes that defy convention and push the boundaries of architectural design. The featured homes are often located in breathtaking natural settings or feature avant-garde designs that challenge traditional notions of what a home can be.

The hosts, Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin visit these extraordinary homes—providing insights into the design concepts, construction methods, and the unique features that make each property stand out. The show offers a combination of architectural exploration, design inspiration, and travelogue—making it a visually captivating and educational experience.

“The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes” is available for streaming on various platforms—including Netflix, where viewers can access multiple seasons and episodes. First aired in 2017, the show has two seasons with the last season airing in 2018. 

Love It or List It

“Love It or List It” is a popular home renovation and real estate television series known for its unique premise. Each episode of “Love It or List It” features homeowners who are dissatisfied with their current living situation for various reasons—like outdated designs, lack of space, or changing family needs. 

The central dilemma for the homeowners is whether they should love their existing home after it’s transformed through renovations or list it for sale and move to a new property. The show is hosted by a dynamic duo—with designer Hilary Farr renovating and David Visentin acting as the real estate agent. Hilary focuses on renovating the homeowners’ current property to make it their dream home, while David assists them in finding a new home that better suits their needs and desires.

Hilary Farr takes on the challenge of redesigning and renovating the homeowners’ current house to meet their desires and requirements. Her goal is to convince them to love their home again after the renovation. On the other hand, David Visentin searches for potential new homes that align with the homeowners’ wishlist and budget. He aims to persuade them to list their current property and purchase a new one.

The show combines elements of interior design, home improvement, real estate, and family dynamics. It highlights the ups and downs of the renovation process, the financial considerations of selling and buying a home, and the emotional attachments people have to their residences.

The show has aired on several networks—including HGTV. Additionally, episodes of the show may be available for streaming on platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and the HGTV app. It has a total of 19 seasons. On April 2023, the show aired a special four-part event and four new episodes. 

Other Shows That Highlight Amazing Interiors

If you have already watched every interior design show on this list, here are a few more to get your creative juices flowing!

  • The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals on Netflix
  • Million Dollar Decorators on Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV
  • Selling Sunset on Netflix
  • Million Dollar Beach House on Netflix
  • Flea Market Flip on Hulu
  • House Hunters on fuboTV or Amazon Prime Video
  • Luxe Listings Sydney on Amazon Prime Video
  • Tiny House Nation on Netflix
  • Nest Seekers International on YouTube
  • Instant Dream Home on Netflix
  • Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix

Which Interior Design Shows Will You Watch?

From the competitive flair of “Interior Design Masters” to the inspirational journeys of homeowners on “Love It or List It,” and the global architectural wonders of “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes,” there’s no shortage of design inspiration to be found. 

Whether you’re drawn to the renovation expertise of the Property Brothers, the timeless charm of “This Old House,” or the quest for extraordinary homes worldwide, there’s something for all interiors lovers. From renters to middle class homeowners and from property owners who regularly flip houses to professional interior designers, you are sure to find a show that piques your curiosity and sparks ideas for your own home—or your client’s.

These shows offer not only a visual feast of creativity but also valuable insights and tips for transforming your living spaces. 

By Armela E.