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The Best Plant-Based and Vegan Meal Service Options

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In recent years, the popularity of plant-based and vegan diets has surged, driven by a growing awareness of health, environmental sustainability, and ethical considerations. At the same time, convenience of meal delivery services has made sticking to a plant-based diet or vegan diet far easier than it was in the past. After all, many meal kits cater to individuals seeking to adhere to these dietary preferences without compromising on taste, variety, or nutritional value. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the best plant-based and vegan meal delivery services available, offering an informative guide for those looking to embrace or maintain their plant-based and vegan lifestyles with ease and enjoyment. In a landscape replete with options, we delve into the key factors to consider when selecting a service and present a curated list of exceptional providers that align with the diverse needs of discerning consumers. Read on to learn all about the best vegan meal kits out there!

The Growing Popularity of Plant-Based, Vegetarian, and Vegan Diets

The adoption of vegetarian, vegan, and plant-based diets has been on the rise in recent years, with an increasing number of people choosing these dietary lifestyles. A 2018 Gallup poll found that the percentage of Americans identifying as vegetarians had increased from 2% in 2012 to 5% in 2018. This indicated a notable increase in the number of vegetarians over the six-year period.

A poll conducted by The Harris Poll just one year later reported that 8% of U.S. adults identified as vegetarians. Additionally, the same poll found that 3% of adults identified as vegans. This suggested a growing interest in plant-based diets compared to previous years. Who knows, we could all be ordering from vegetarian meal services in the next few years.

In 2020, a report by The Plant-Based Foods Association and The Good Food Institute highlighted the significant growth in the sales of plant-based foods in the United States. The report indicated that plant-based food sales had increased by 27% over the past year, demonstrating a surge in consumer demand for plant-based options.

These studies and polls collectively suggest a clear trend toward more people adopting vegetarian, vegan, and plant-based diets in recent years. The motivations behind these dietary choices often include concerns related to health, animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and ethical considerations.

Benefits of Plant-Based and Vegan Meal Subscription Services

To make a vegetarian or vegan diet healthy, women must ensure that they are ingesting enough calcium, B vitamins, and other nutrients that often come from meat and seafood. Prepared meals that come in a vegan meal kit formulated by experts can help women achieve this important balance. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of receiving vegan meals via delivery service.

Time-Saving Convenience

Plant-based and vegan meal subscription services offer a time-saving solution to the often labor-intensive task of meal planning and preparation. Subscribers benefit from the convenience of having pre-portioned, ready-to-cook or fully prepared meals delivered to their doorstep.

This convenience not only eliminates the need for grocery shopping and extensive cooking but also streamlines the meal preparation process, making it particularly appealing to individuals with busy lifestyles or those seeking to minimize kitchen-related tasks. Who doesn’t want streamlined vegan meal prep?

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Access to a Variety of Delicious Plant-Based Meals

These subscription services expand the culinary horizons of individuals by providing a diverse range of plant-based recipes and dishes. Subscribers can explore and savor a wide array of vegan and vegetarian recipes that they might not have otherwise encountered. This exposure to a multitude of flavors and cuisines can make adhering to plant-based diets a more enjoyable and satisfying experience, dispelling any misconception of limited food choices.

Support for Sustainable and Ethical Food Choices

By opting for plant-based and vegan meal subscription services, individuals align their dietary choices with principles of sustainability and ethical food sourcing. These services often prioritize the use of sustainable, locally sourced, and organic ingredients. Additionally, they support ethical considerations by reducing the demand for animal agriculture, which is associated with environmental concerns and ethical dilemmas related to animal welfare.

Customization Options for Different Dietary Preferences

Plant-based and vegan meal subscription services recognize the diversity of dietary preferences among consumers. They frequently offer customizable options that cater to specific dietary needs, including gluten-free, nut-free, or low-carb alternatives. This flexibility ensures that subscribers can tailor their meal plans to meet individual health goals and dietary restrictions, accommodating a wide spectrum of preferences and requirements.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Meal Subscription Service

Dietary Preferences

When contemplating the selection of a meal subscription service, several critical factors warrant consideration. Foremost among these is dietary preference, as individuals may seek options tailored to their specific dietary needs. Many services offer menus customized for vegans, vegetarians, or individuals with other dietary requirements such as gluten-free or nut-free diets. Evaluating whether a vegan meal delivery service aligns with one’s dietary preference is foundational in making an informed choice.

Menu Variety and Meal Options

The range of vegetarian and vegan recipes available plays a pivotal role in the appeal of a meal subscription service. Prospective subscribers should assess whether the service offers a diverse menu with a variety of culinary styles, flavors, and cuisines. A broad selection not only ensures culinary diversity but also enhances the likelihood of discovering new and enjoyable plant-based dishes when eating vegan.

Ingredient Quality and Sourcing

The quality and sourcing of ingredients included in these vegan or vegetarian meals are paramount considerations for discerning subscribers. Assessing the service’s commitment to ingredient quality, such as the use of organic, locally sourced, or sustainably grown produce, can be indicative of its dedication to providing environmentally responsible and healthy meals.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

Budgetary constraints often dictate meal subscription choices. Prospective subscribers should scrutinize pricing structures, considering factors such as subscription duration and frequency. Exploring available plans, discounts, and promotions can help align the chosen service with one’s budgetary considerations.

Delivery Areas and Scheduling

The geographic reach of a meal subscription service’s delivery network is a practical factor to evaluate. Subscribers should ascertain whether the service delivers to their area and determine the delivery schedule to ensure ready-to-eat meals arrive at a convenient time. Understanding the logistics of delivery is essential for a seamless subscription experience.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Drawing insights from the experiences of other subscribers can offer valuable guidance in selecting a meal subscription service. Reading customer reviews and considering ratings provides firsthand accounts of the service’s performance, meal quality, and overall satisfaction. These user-generated insights can assist in making an informed choice that aligns with individual preferences and expectations.

These Are the Best Plant-Based and Vegan Meal Delivery Services

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a dedicated vegan meal plan subscription service known for its commitment to providing plant-based, chef-inspired meals. Their mission is to make it easier for individuals to embrace a vegan lifestyle with delicious and nutritious offerings.

Purple Carrot offers a diverse menu of creative vegan recipes designed by professional chefs. Their vegan menu options often include high-protein dishes, gluten-free choices, and innovative plant-based takes on classic favorites.

Pricing for Purple Carrot’s vegan food plans typically varies based on the number of servings and the frequency of deliveries. Subscribers can select from various plans to suit their needs, with competitive pricing relative to other vegan meal subscription services. You can check out their pricing here.

Green Chef

Green Chef is a meal kit subscription service that offers a dedicated vegan plan among its offerings. They focus on providing organic and sustainably sourced ingredients while catering to various dietary preferences.

Green Chef stands out for its commitment to ingredient quality, including certified organic produce and responsibly sourced proteins. Their vegan plan features a variety of plant-based recipes that showcase global cuisines and diverse flavors.

Green Chef’s pricing typically depends on the chosen plan, which may include options for two or four people and multiple meals per week. While it may be slightly more expensive than some other services, it appeals to those seeking organic and high-quality ingredients. You can check out their pricing here.

Sun Basket

Sun Basket offers a range of meal plans, including a dedicated vegan option. They emphasize organic and sustainably sourced ingredients in their recipes and aim to make cooking wholesome meals at home accessible.

Sun Basket’s vegan plan includes an array of innovative plant-based dishes inspired by global and regional cuisines. They prioritize organic produce and sustainably caught seafood in their recipes, fostering a commitment to both health and sustainability.

The pricing for Sun Basket varies based on the specific meal plan chosen, with options for two or four people. The cost may differ depending on the number of meals per week and dietary preferences. Family meals are often less expensive per meal than ordering for a single person. You can check out their pricing here.

HelloFresh (with Vegan Options)

While HelloFresh is not exclusively vegan, it offers a vegetarian plan with vegan options. The service focuses on delivering pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes to subscribers. HelloFresh’s vegetarian plan includes recipes that can be customized to align with vegan preferences. Their meal options feature a wide variety of cuisines and flavors, providing flexibility for those seeking plant-based choices.

HelloFresh offers pricing based on the number of people and meals per week. While it may not be a dedicated vegan service, it provides budget-friendly options for those looking to explore plant-based meals. Recent vegan options listed on their site include Thai Mussaman Rice with Roasted Aubergine and Chestnut Mushrooms and Indonesian Curry. You can check out their pricing here.

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest specializes in convenient frozen plant-based smoothies, soups, bowls, and snacks. Their focus is on providing nutritious and easily prepared options for busy individuals hoping to follow vegan or vegetarian diets.

Daily Harvest’s offerings of pre-made meals encompass a wide range of plant-based options suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Their menu includes smoothie blends, harvest bowls, and flatbreads, all designed for quick and healthy consumption.

Daily Harvest offers pricing options based on the number of items in each order and the frequency of deliveries. While it may be a convenient supplement to regular meals, its pricing structure may vary depending on customization.

You can check out their pricing here.


Veestro is a fully vegan meal delivery service that offers a selection of chef-prepared frozen meals. Their aim is to provide convenient and nutritious plant-based options. Veestro offers a wide variety of vegan meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts. Their menu features comfort food classics, international cuisines, and options for various dietary preferences.

Pricing for Veestro varies based on the number of meals ordered, with options for one-time orders or subscription plans. While it may lean toward the slightly higher end of the pricing spectrum, its convenience and variety are appealing to many.

You can check out their pricing here.


Thistle specializes in providing plant-based meal plans with a focus on nutrition. They offer fresh and pre-prepared meals tailored to individual health goals. Thistle’s menu includes a range of plant-based options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their meals prioritize nutrient-dense ingredients and are customizable to accommodate dietary preferences.

Thistle offers pricing options based on the number of meals per week and meal types. The cost may vary depending on the specific meal plan chosen and customization preferences.

You can check out their pricing here.


Plantable offers vegan meal plans designed for weight loss and improved health. They provide whole-food, plant-based meals delivered to subscribers’ doorsteps. Plantable’s meals are carefully crafted to be nutritionally balanced and support health goals. Their menu includes a variety of plant-based dishes with a focus on portion control and nutrient density.

Pricing for Plantable varies based on the selected meal plan and subscription duration. While it may cater to specific health objectives, its pricing structure can accommodate different budgetary considerations.

You can check out their pricing here.


Trifecta offers organic, vegan meal delivery with a focus on athletes and individuals seeking high-protein, plant-based options. Trifecta provides a range of vegan meals designed to support active lifestyles. Their menu includes dishes tailored for various dietary goals, including muscle gain and weight loss.

Trifecta’s pricing varies based on the specific meal plan, frequency of delivery, and portion sizes. While it may be competitively priced for its target audience, cost considerations depend on individual dietary needs.

You can check out their pricing here.

Fresh n’ Lean

Fresh n’ Lean offers vegan meal plans with an emphasis on clean and organic ingredients. They aim to provide convenient and nutritious options for subscribers. Fresh n’ Lean’s menu includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, all crafted with an emphasis on freshness and health. Their meals are suitable for various dietary preferences, including high-protein and low-carb.

Pricing for Fresh n’ Lean depends on the selected meal plan, number of meals, and frequency of deliveries. While it may offer convenience and nutrition, costs may vary based on customization.

You can check out their pricing here.

Final Thoughts on the Best Vegan and Veggie Meal Delivery Services

More women entrepreneurs are considering vegan or vegetarian diets but many worry the time spent prepping and shopping will not fit their busy lifestyles. Meal delivery services take a fraction of the time to prepare, though they do cost a bit more in most cases.

These services provide the convenience of ready-to-cook or fully prepared meals, granting more time and simplicity in the kitchen. The diverse and delectable meal options cater to various palates, making it an enjoyable endeavor to adhere to plant-based and vegan diets. Furthermore, the commitment to ingredient quality, sustainability, and ethical food choices reinforces the appeal of these services.

As consumers prioritize health and environmental consciousness, the convenience and positive impact of plant-based and vegan meal choices become increasingly evident. We encourage our readers explore the available options and select a service that aligns with their unique needs and preferences. If you give plant-based eating a try, let us know which meal service you opt for in the comments below!