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15 Long-Distance Date Night Ideas to Keep the Spark Alive

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The struggle of being apart from your partner is universal, and as the miles between you grow, so does the difficulty of maintaining that intimate connection. But don’t despair. With modern technology, you can now keep the fun going and the flame burning! So if you’re tired of the monotony of traditional dinner-and-a-movie dates, it’s time to reignite the spark and embark on a journey to rediscover the joy of being together—even if it’s just virtually. Here are fifteen of our favorite long-distance relationship date ideas for you and your S.O. to try! 

15 Long-Distance Date Night Ideas to Keep the Spark Alive

Virtual Movie Night

Planning a virtual movie night with your significant other can be a fun way to bridge the gap of a long distance relationship. The key is to sync up your schedules and create a shared experience. 

Begin by choosing a date and time that works for both of you, considering time zones and work schedule differences. Once the logistics are sorted, consider using streaming services with watch party features to make the movie night even more enjoyable. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ offer these features, allowing you to watch the same movie simultaneously and even video chat while doing so. 

Make sure that you both like the movie you’ll be watching so that you’ll feel on the same page about each other after the session—otherwise, the other one will get bored or secretly think you’re a narcissist. Watch movies that excite, interest, and engage you both. It also doesn’t have to be a movie, you can also watch a TV show. 

Online Gaming Session 

Long distance dating is sometimes all fun and games! Even when you or your partner is not a gamer, an online gaming session can add a thrilling dimension to your long distance relationship. Online games create a shared space for fun and laughter. For a mix of competitive and cooperative vibes, consider diving into a variety of multiplayer games. 

If you’re in the mood to play online games for some friendly competition, titles like “Rocket League” or “Fortnite” provide exhilarating gameplay where you can team up or face off against each other. On the cooperative side, games like “Overcooked” or “Stardew Valley” allow you to collaborate towards common goals, fostering teamwork and shared accomplishments. You can also try virtual card games like Gwent that make you strategize. 

Don’t forget about classics like “Minecraft” for an open-world adventure you can embark on together. Whichever virtual game you choose, the shared experience of virtual adventures can significantly enhance your connection, turning gaming sessions into memorable moments that bridge the physical gap. So, press play and get ready to level up your long distance relationship in the gaming arena!

Cooking Together Virtually

Why not turn your virtual connection into a culinary experience with a delightful cooking session? Begin by selecting a recipe that appeals to both of you—whether it’s a favorite snack or something new and exciting. 

Once you’ve settled on the culinary adventure, schedule video chatting time where you can cook  dinner “together.” Share the recipe in advance so you can both gather the ingredients, creating a synchronized virtual cooking class experience despite the physical distance.

As you chop, sauté, and simmer, the video call becomes a window into each other’s kitchens, fostering a sense of shared space. The aromas wafting through the screen, the sizzling sounds, and the occasional mishaps create a unique and intimate atmosphere. The best part? Once the dishes are ready, sit down together virtually, savoring the fruits of your joint labor. 

Virtual City Tours 

Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can now tour iconic landmarks and cultural institutions from the comfort of your own homes. Consider utilizing online resources or, for a more immersive experience, dive into virtual reality (VR) technology.

Numerous websites offer interactive virtual city tours and virtual museum tour exhibits, allowing you to stroll through streets or wander through galleries together. Platforms like Google Arts & Culture provide an extensive collection of virtual tours, enabling you to discover historical sites or marvel at world-renowned artworks side by side.

For an extra layer of immersion, VR headsets can transport you both into a digital realm, making the experience feel remarkably authentic. Share your screens or sync up your headsets, and voilà—you’re exploring the Louvre or wandering through the streets of Tokyo together. Not only does this activity provide a shared adventure, but it also sparks conversations about history, art, and culture, fostering a deeper connection. 

Online Classes or Workshops 

Our next date idea is to take a class together. Why not turn distance into an opportunity for joint growth and exploration by enrolling in an online class together? Whether it’s painting, dancing, yoga, or any other shared interest, the possibilities are vast. Choose a class that piques both your interests, and embark on a learning journey side by side.

Learning something new together can not only keep your relationship alive but also create a unique bond. The shared challenges, the laughter at each other’s attempts, and the mutual encouragement can strengthen your connection in unexpected ways. Plus, it’s a chance to discover hidden talents and interests you might not have explored otherwise.

Online platforms offer a plethora of classes, ranging from beginner to advanced levels, making it easy to find something that suits both your preferences. Set a schedule for your virtual classes, share your progress, and celebrate each other’s achievements. The shared experience of learning and growing together can become a cornerstone of your relationship, making even the physical distance a mere backdrop to your shared journey of discovery. 

Book Club for Two 

How about transforming your long-distance connection into a literary adventure with a private book club for two? It’s a wonderful way to share stories, opinions, and a virtual reading space. Begin by selecting a book that intrigues both of you. Whether it’s a classic, a contemporary bestseller, or something entirely new, the key is to find a story that resonates with both of your interests.

Once you’ve settled on a book, set a reading schedule that accommodates both your paces. Decide on specific dates for discussions, creating a shared commitment to dive into the literary world together. These discussions can take place through phone or video call, text messages, or even dedicated voice chats, allowing you to share your thoughts, theories, and favorite passages.

The beauty of long distance date ideas like private book clubs lies in the intimate conversations they spark. The characters, plot twists, and overarching themes provide a rich tapestry for you both to explore and connect over. 


Explore the vastness of the night sky together through stargazing. Plan your stargazing sessions during clear nights when the celestial display is at its finest. Consider syncing up your schedules for moments when the stars are most visible, perhaps during a meteor shower or when a notable celestial event is happening. 

While on a call, describe what you see and share the feelings evoked by the cosmic display. Discuss the constellations, the brightness of the stars, and any meteor streaks you may encounter. You can even have a healthy competition to find the most constellations. 

To enhance your stargazing experience, there are several apps designed to identify stars and constellations. Apps like SkyView, Star Walk, or Stellarium allow you to point your phone towards the sky and instantly identify celestial objects. Use these apps to navigate the night sky together, deepening your understanding of the cosmic wonders above. Stargazing not only connects you with the universe but also provides a serene backdrop for meaningful conversations. 

Plan a Future Trip 

Begin by researching potential destinations that excite both of you. You can do this on Google Maps or any other tourist app nowadays.  Whether it’s a bustling city, a tranquil beach, or a scenic mountain retreat, the options are as diverse as your shared interests.

Collaborate on crafting itineraries that capture the essence of the destination. Discuss the activities, landmarks, and local cuisines you’d like to explore together. This planning process not only builds excitement for the virtual vacation trip but also strengthens your connection as you align your preferences and envision the experiences you’ll share.

Utilize online tools and travel apps to streamline the planning process. From virtual maps to budgeting apps, there’s a plethora of resources to help you organize and envision your future adventure. The beauty of planning a trip together lies in the shared excitement and the anticipation of moments yet to come. It becomes a mutual project, a tangible manifestation of your commitment to a future where distance is but a memory. 

Virtual Dinner Dates 

Why not add a touch of romance to your long distance relationship with a virtual dinner date? Schedule a time that works for both of you and, to make it extra special, suggest dressing up for the occasion. Even though you’re just video calling and are miles apart, dressing up brings a sense of closeness and adds a touch of elegance to the virtual affair.

To make the dinner video date more authentic, consider ordering a memorable meal from the same type of restaurant or cuisine. Whether it’s your favorite local spot or a cuisine you both love, sharing the same meal or doing wine tasting at the same time, even virtually, enhances the feeling of being together.

Set the mood with some soft music and dim lighting, and voilà – you have a virtual dining experience that rivals any in person date. Use phone or video calls to share the ambiance, talk about the flavors of the food, and simply enjoy each other’s virtual company. 

These virtual dinner dates not only offer a break from the routine but also create cherished moments that strengthen your connection. Cheers to love and good food, no matter the distance!

DIY Craft Night 

Embrace creativity by hosting a DIY craft night together. This works well if both of you are art lovers.  To make it extra special, consider sending each other the same craft kit in advance. Whether it’s a painting set, a DIY terrarium, or any other craft that piques your interest, having matching kits ensures a shared experience. We recommend parsing through the thousands of classes and workshops available on Craftsy if you’re seeking something new!

Choose a date and time that suits both of your schedules and gather your crafting materials.  Set up a video call, and let the crafting adventure begin. Spending time doing something crafty with your partner is a great way to exercise your creative mind. 

Not only does this DIY craft night provide a fun and interactive way to spend meaningful time together (even if you’re not in the same room), but it also results in tangible mementos of your shared experience. Long distance date ideas like this turn the distance into an opportunity for crafting memories. 

Playlist Exchange 

Creating and sharing playlists is a wonderful way to connect on a deeper level, expressing your feelings and interests through the universal language of music. Start by curating playlists that reflect different moods or themes, whether it’s a collection of nostalgic tunes, upbeat tracks for motivation, or even a playlist dedicated to each other.

After crafting your musical creations, schedule a time to listen to the playlists together. You can use various online platforms to sync up your music, creating a shared listening experience. As the songs play, discuss the reasons behind your choices, the memories they evoke, or simply how they make you feel.  If you want to make the experience even more fun, try watching a virtual concert together by the artist you both love! 

Virtual Workout Session 

Break a sweat and strengthen your connection at the same time with a virtual workout session! You can do this by watching a workout video together or simply planning what sets to do beforehand. For a high-intensity option, you can opt for a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) session. It’s a great way to get the heart pumping and boost those endorphins together.

If you’re in the mood for something more calming, a virtual yoga session allows you to flow through poses and find a sense of balance, both physically and emotionally. Alternatively, a dance workout can add a fun and lively element, turning your workout into a virtual dance party.

Set up a video call, position your cameras to ensure visibility, and let the workout commence. The shared effort, encouragement, and perhaps a few laughs during the process can make the virtual workout an enjoyable and memorable experience. So, grab your workout gear, find a virtual space, and let the endorphins flow!

Photo Sharing Session 

How about taking a delightful trip down memory lane together with a photo-sharing session? Long distance date ideas that focus on opening up and sharing stories about yourselves will help you learn more about each other’s lives. Choose a night when you both have some leisure time and gather a collection of old photos that hold sentimental value. 

As you share these snapshots, recount the stories behind each one. Whether it’s a childhood photo, a memorable vacation snapshot, or a candid moment with friends (bonus points if it’s a silly photo!), each image becomes a window into your personal history. Discuss the emotions, experiences, and people captured in the photos, allowing your long-distance partner to gain a deeper understanding of your life and the moments that shaped you.

Write a Story or Poem Together 

Play with words by crafting a story or poem together! With this activity, you can blend your creativity, imagination, and unique perspectives into a shared literary masterpiece. To kickstart this collaborative adventure, consider using prompts or themes that resonate with both of you.

Choose a theme that sparks inspiration – it could be something like love, adventure, mystery, or even a fantastical realm where your imagination can run wild. Alternatively, you can use prompts to guide your writing, providing a starting point for your collaborative literary endeavor.

Set a date and time to dive into the creative process together. You can use phone calls, video calls, shared documents, or a simple exchange of ideas through messaging to build upon each other’s contributions. Watch as your voices intertwine, creating a story or poem that reflects the unique fusion of your creative energies.

Final Thoughts on Planning Long-Distance Dates 

Planning virtual date nights for long-distance relationships can truly enhance the intimacy and connection between partners. Whether it’s for special occasions or just to enjoy each other’s company, there are plenty of creative ideas to spice things up from the comfort of your own home. Engage in a little competition with online games, binge-watch your favorite shows together, or try something new like sharing video cooking sessions to mix things up. 

Consider sending care packages to each other to make the virtual experience feel more tangible and thoughtful. It’s a fantastic way to build a bond that thrives on the joy of being together, despite the physical distance, while also learning new skills and creating memorable moments.

By Armela E.