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These Are the Best Hotels in Boston for Your Trip to Beantown

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Few American cities blend the charm of their historical past with the vibrancy of modern life as successfully as Boston, Massachusetts. This city, often dubbed the “Athens of America,” not only takes you through its revolutionary history along the Freedom Trail but also invites you to immerse yourself in diverse cultural offerings. From the world-class Museum of Fine Arts to the many design events hosted each year to the campuses of Harvard and MIT, there is so much to explore. Whether you’re an artist seeking inspiration, a designer exploring innovation, or a historian appreciating the well-preserved heritage, Boston’s eclectic mix of experiences makes it a must-visit destination. Read on for our recommendations for the best hotels in Boston, what to see, and how to best enjoy the array of art and design events that the city has to offer this year.

Why Visit Boston? History, Culture, Sports, and More!

For the creative women who thrive on exploring rich history, vibrant culture, and dynamic educational opportunities, Boston is your one-stop-shop. This city has been home to iconic moments of American history. Take the Freedom Trail, for example. This 2.5-mile journey through downtown Boston weaves past 16 historical sites—including the USS Constitution and Paul Revere House.

Culture hawks will enjoy the Museum of Fine Arts—which houses a diverse collection spanning continents and centuries—and the immersive Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum​. Known as the “Athens of America,” Boston’s educational landscape is dotted with over 100 colleges and universities—including the prestigious Harvard and MIT. These institutions make Boston a hub for academic and intellectual engagement​ across disciplines.

Of course, sports enthusiasts will swoon over Fenway Park—the oldest Major League Baseball stadium still in use. Nature lovers can schedule whale watching tours, while architecture aficionados should explore the city’s diverse built environment—from the quaint, cobblestoned streets of the North End to the lush, Victorian elegance of the Public Garden. The latter is home to Boston’s iconic Swan Boats​.

Gastronomes will delight in Boston’s culinary diversity, too. From the fresh seafood offerings emblematic of its coastal locale to the robust Italian flavors of the North End and the eclectic eateries of Chinatown, Boston is known for its food. And we cannot forget the visual and performing arts scene here! It vibrates with energy. With art galleries everywhere and a plethora of live music venues scattered across the city, every night is an opportunity for unforgettable experiences.

Last but not least, Boston is celebrated for its innovative spirit and is home to myriad startups and tech companies. This blend of historical depth, cultural richness, educational excellence, and innovative dynamism makes Boston not just a place to visit, but a place to be inspired, learn, and grow. Looks like it’s time to book your hotel; Boston is such a fantastic destination.

Art and Design Events to Attend in Boston This Year

From the explorative panels and showcases of Boston Design Week to the creative symposiums of Living Art Boston, each of the following events offers a unique blend of inspiration and insight. Whether you’re a design professional, an art enthusiast, or someone intrigued by the latest trends in technology and fashion, these gatherings provide unparalleled opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and witness the cutting-edge of creativity. We encourage you to join the festivities and be part of a community pushing the boundaries of creativity and design.

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Boston Design Week (April 23 – May 5, 2024)

Boston Design Week is an annual festival that truly celebrates design in its many forms. Over 12 days, the city becomes a hub for more than 60 events including exhibitions, talks, and workshops, which take place across various venues including museums, galleries, and design studios.

The event covers an extensive range of design disciplines from architecture and urban planning to landscape and handmade design. Its core mission is to enhance public awareness and appreciation of design and to foster its role in society and everyday life​.

SoWa Design Days (October 5-6, 2023; 2024 Dates TBA)

Located in the vibrant SoWa Art + Design District, SoWa Design Days is an event that focuses on the latest trends in interior design and craftsmanship. The event features a series of open houses, panels, and showcases within various design showrooms.

This is a great networking opportunity for design professionals and enthusiasts alike, providing a platform to explore innovative design solutions and meet leading designers. The 2024 dates for this event have yet to be announced, but First Fridays and the SoWa Open Market will be open to the public from May through July. Check the organization’s calendar here for more info.

Living Art Boston 2024 (June 7-8, 2024)

The Living Art Boston conference explores the convergence of art, technology, fashion, and health equity. Set to unfold over two days, this conference includes interactive sessions, art exhibitions, and fashion shows.

It offers creatives from various disciplines a platform to exchange ideas, showcase their work, and connect with industry leaders. The event emphasizes innovation in the creative industries and aims to inspire participants through a diverse range of activities and discussions​​.

Design Research Society Conference 2024 (June 24-28, 2024)

Hosted by Northeastern University, this conference brings together design scholars from around the world. The Design Research Society Conference focuses on critical themes such as resistance, recovery, and reimagination within design. It encourages a reconsideration of traditional design methodologies against contemporary challenges like social injustice and environmental crises. The conference is a significant academic gathering that promotes deep discussions and the exchange of knowledge on the future of design​​.

Boston International Fine Art Show (October 5-13, 2024)

The Road Menders, Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853-1890)

As New England’s premier art fair, the Boston International Fine Art Show features an impressive array of traditional and contemporary fine art. The show attracts numerous galleries and artists, showcasing works that range from affordable pieces to multimillion-dollar masterpieces. This event is a key destination for art collectors and enthusiasts looking to find unique pieces and to engage with the vibrant art community.

These Are the Best Hotels in Boston for Your Next Visit to Beantown

Four Seasons Hotel Boston

The Four Seasons Hotel Boston overlooks the picturesque Public Garden and Boston Common. Known for its elegant, classic architecture and refined interior design that features luxurious furnishings and artful décor, the hotel offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The property has long been a beacon of luxury in Boston, blending sophisticated comfort with impeccable service. Its history of hosting celebrities and dignitaries adds to its esteemed reputation, making it a top choice for travelers seeking a first-class Boston experience.

XV Beacon

XV Beacon sets itself apart with its fusion of old-world charm and contemporary luxury. Housed in a historic Beaux-Arts building, this boutique hotel stands out for its sophisticated style that includes a collection of modern art, a classic palette, and luxurious amenities. The interior features a mix of sleek, modern design elements and classic materials, including a notably grand fireplace in the lobby. XV Beacon is celebrated for offering an intimate and exclusive atmosphere that caters to discerning guests.

The Envoy Hotel

Located in Boston’s Innovation District, The Envoy Hotel is a modern marvel, boasting cutting-edge design and stylish interiors. Its architecture is distinctly contemporary, with expansive glass structures that provide panoramic views of the Boston skyline. The hotel’s interior is a showcase of bold modern art and innovative design elements, making it a hub for creative minds and trendsetters. The rooftop bar offers a spectacular view of the city, embodying the hotel’s commitment to providing a vibrant, forward-thinking guest experience.

Mandarin Oriental, Boston

The Mandarin Oriental in Boston exudes luxury and sophistication, located in the chic Back Bay neighborhood. Its architecture combines classic New England elegance with subtle Asian influences, creating a serene and opulent environment. Inside, the hotel features sumptuous interiors with fine materials like silk and marble, complemented by an extensive art collection that enhances its refined ambiance. The hotel’s spa is among the most luxurious in the city, reflecting the brand’s commitment to high-end hospitality.

The Liberty, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Boston

The Liberty Hotel is a masterful conversion of the historic Charles Street Jail into a luxury hotel. With an architectural focus on preserving the original structure’s historic essence, including the famed rotunda and wrought iron work, the hotel integrates luxury with history. Its interiors cleverly nod to its past as a jail, incorporating playful elements that contrast with the luxurious finishes. This unique blend of history and modern design makes The Liberty a fascinating destination for visitors.

Boston Harbor Hotel

Situated on the historic Rowes Wharf Harbor, the Boston Harbor Hotel is renowned for its iconic archway and breathtaking waterfront views. The architecture of the hotel is a testament to classic Bostonian style, incorporating elements from the city’s rich maritime history. The interiors are elegantly appointed with nautical themes and luxurious touches that highlight its status as a five-star property. The hotel’s history of maritime hospitality continues to attract guests seeking a quintessential Boston experience.

The Whitney Hotel Boston

The Whitney Hotel Boston, located in the charming Beacon Hill neighborhood, combines contemporary elegance with local heritage. The architecture reflects the historical context of the area with a refined, residential feel. Interiors are designed with a sophisticated palette and bespoke furnishings that emphasize comfort and style. The hotel’s commitment to personal service and local charm makes it a cozy, inviting place to stay amidst the bustle of the city.

The Godfrey Hotel Boston

The Godfrey Hotel, set in the heart of Downtown Crossing, is housed in a beautifully restored gothic revival building. The interior design blends the historical architecture with modern, chic elements that appeal to trendy travelers. Known for its craftsmanship in details and use of rich textiles and colors, The Godfrey creates a vibrant and contemporary atmosphere that reflects Boston’s urban style. Plus, their bar is considered one of the best in the city.

The Langham, Boston

The Langham, Boston is housed in a historic former bank building, renowned for its Renaissance Revival architecture. This luxury hotel seamlessly blends rich history with modern elegance. The interiors reflect a new classic style, featuring opulent furnishings and refined décor. Following a major renovation, The Langham offers enhanced luxury in its rooms and public spaces, maintaining its reputation as a landmark of luxury.

InterContinental Boston

The InterContinental Boston is an example of modern luxury on the waterfront, with sleek, contemporary architecture that makes extensive use of glass to maximize views of the Boston Harbor. The interiors are modern and sophisticated, featuring minimalist design, high-end finishes, and contemporary art. The hotel is known for its luxurious amenities and vibrant atmosphere, catering to both business and leisure travelers.

The Eliot Hotel Boston

The Eliot Hotel is a boutique hotel located in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, known for its European-inspired architecture and luxurious interiors. The hotel’s design features classic décor with rich textiles and antique furnishings in each of its guest rooms, creating an atmosphere of old-world charm combined with modern comfort. As a family-owned hotel, it offers a personal touch that adds to its intimate and exclusive feel.

The Newbury Boston

Next on our list of the best luxury hotels in Boston is the Newbury Boston, located in the prestigious Back Bay area. Originally the historic Ritz-Carlton, The Newbury Boston is located in the heart of the city’s fashionable Back Bay area, overlooking the Public Garden. The hotel showcases a marriage of classic architecture with a refreshed, contemporary interior following extensive renovations.

The design elegantly combines the building’s storied past with modern luxury, featuring bespoke furnishings and a curated art collection that emphasizes its grand heritage. Its famous street-level windows offer diners at its restaurants and bars a quintessential Boston view, making The Newbury a stylish nexus of old-world charm and contemporary elegance.

Hotel Commonwealth

Hotel Commonwealth is a blend of urban vibrance and sophisticated comfort in the Kenmore Square district, near Boston University and Fenway Park. This hotel’s architecture reflects the modern spirit of Boston while its interiors are a nod to Boston’s rich history, adorned with memorabilia that pays homage to the city’s sporting and cultural scenes. Known for spacious, elegantly appointed rooms and attentive service, Hotel Commonwealth is a favorite among visitors looking for a taste of Boston’s bustling city life merged with luxury.

Is It Time to Schedule Your Stay?

From the hallowed halls of academia to the innovative galleries and design spaces, Boston offers creative minds a myriad of opportunities to explore, learn, and be inspired. Whether you’ve come to trace the footsteps of revolutionaries or to push the boundaries of modern creativity, Boston’s diverse landscapes and eclectic neighborhoods promise a well-rounded experience that is both enriching and exhilarating.

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