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From Stella Jones to Callan Contemporary: Eight Captivating New Orleans Art Galleries

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New Orleans is a thriving hub of creativity, its local art scene promises an exhilarating adventure whenever you visit. The city is like a magnet, attracting a diverse blend of creatives—including artists, actors, and musicians—all contributing to the city’s continuously expanding independent arts community. Over the years, its art scene has witnessed remarkable growth—establishing itself as a compelling haven for art enthusiasts. This thriving locale boasts a vibrant array of galleries, museums, and performance venues. Join us as we explore the best art galleries in New Orleans. 

Eight Art Galleries in New Orleans with Exciting Upcoming Exhibitions

New Orleans’ art scene has a rich and diverse history. It has been shaped by a blend of cultural influences—including French, Spanish, African, and Caribbean—making it a melting pot of artistic expression.

The city’s art history is marked by the vibrant music of jazz, the visual artistry of painters like George Rodrigue and John McCrady, and a strong tradition of Mardi Gras parades and intricate costume design. By supporting the arts, we ensure that these cultural legacies are passed down to future generations. 

Stella Jones Gallery 

Stella Jones Art Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana

Place St. Charles, 201 St. Charles Ave #132, New Orleans, LA 70170

Stella Jones Gallery stands as a testament to the shared passion and vision of its founders: Stella Jones and her late husband Harry. Having immersed themselves in the world of art collecting, this dynamic couple harbored a dream—one that aimed to democratize the appreciation of African American, contemporary African, and Caribbean fine art. These artists, their techniques, and their distinct cultural heritage have made Southern art the rich treasure trove it is today.

In bringing their dream to life, the gallery became a beacon for art enthusiasts, both seasoned and newcomers. A decade ago, the Petrucci Family Foundation Collection came into being with a noble purpose—to extend the reach of African-American artists into the hallowed halls of museums and galleries. It was a dedicated effort to expand the American Art canon—an endeavor rooted in deep appreciation for the diverse expressions that artists from these communities bring to the art world. 

Today, Stella Jones Gallery features the profound influence of Southern spiritual and cultural traditions on Black artists. The gallery’s location—steeped in this region’s history—lends an air of familiarity and charm to the amazing art on display. 

Upcoming Exhibitions: 

Jerry Lynn (Start Date: July 1, 2023—End Date: September 28, 2023)

CEAUX (Start Date: July 1, 2023 — End Date: September 28, 2023)

Good Children Gallery 

Good Children Gallery -- one of several art and gallery operations we love

4037 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117

Good Children Gallery stands as a pioneering artist-run establishment that has played a pivotal role in enriching New Orleans’ cultural tapestry. Since its inception in February 2008, this unique space has been a torchbearer for artistic innovation—a place where the boundaries of creativity are pushed and artistic risk-taking is celebrated.

While technically categorized as a gallery, Good Children Gallery transcends conventional labels. It thrives as a dynamic project space where profit takes a back seat to the pursuit of artistic exploration. Unlike many institutions and commercial galleries, Good Children has the freedom to showcase challenging and experimental work without the pressure of sales or board directives.

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At its core, the gallery’s mission is to contribute to New Orleans’ cultural landscape by showcasing a diverse array of artistry from local, national, and international artists. This inclusivity encompasses a wide spectrum of artistic approaches—fostering an environment where unconventional and boundary-pushing art finds a home.

Good Children Gallery is a testament to the spirit of artistic freedom and the boundless potential of creative expression—making it a vital beacon for artistic experimentation in the contemporary art scene of New Orleans.

Upcoming Exhibitions: 

Valerie George & Micah Mermilliod: STARPRINTS (Exhibition Dates: Sept 9 to Oct 8)

Antieau Gallery

719 Royal Street New Orleans, LA 70116

The Antieau Gallery—founded by artist Chris Roberts-Antieau—is a haven for those who appreciate the intricate artistry of embroidered tapestries and mixed-media creations. Fantastical and whimsical but also deeply thought-provoking, it’s a wonderful gallery for NOLA.

Chris Roberts-Antieau is a Michigan-born artist who has forged a unique path in the world of art. Her work—often characterized as “Embroidered Tapestries”—is a testament to her skill in fabric appliqué, thread painting, and hand embroidery.

Within the gallery’s walls, visitors encounter a stunning array of artworks—each meticulously crafted and framed to perfection. These textile-based pieces are not only complex in their composition but also diverse in their emotional resonance—evoking a profound sense of life and vitality.

What sets Chris Roberts-Antieau apart is her fearless exploration of various mediums. In addition to her embroidered tapestries, she delves into mixed-media projects—such as her thought-provoking “Murder Houses”—which reimagines famous crime scenes within repurposed dollhouses.

Chris Roberts-Antieau’s flagship gallery embodies creative independence. With fabric appliqué and thread painting, each artwork showcases expertise—inviting viewers into a realm where art and imagination harmoniously coexist.

Callan Contemporary

518 Julia St, New Orleans, LA 70130

If any on this list of galleries in New Orleans rings a bell, it’s likely Callan Contemporary. Callan Contemporary stands as a beacon of contemporary artistic expression—dedicated to showcasing the works of emerging and midcareer American and international artists. With a discerning focus on abstract and figurative paintings and sculpture, the gallery provides a platform for exploring innovative artistic visions.

The gallery itself exudes sophistication and radiates brightness—creating an ideal setting to immerse oneself in contemporary art. Its carefully curated collection represents a diverse array of creative voices, both local and internationally renowned.

Callan Contemporary Gallery represents a diverse roster of artists. Pablo Atchugarry’s sculptural mastery, Eva Hild’s captivating forms, Raine Bedsole’s emotional figurative paintings, Key-Sook Geum’s cultural textiles, Adrian Deckbar’s mysterious abstracts, and Sibylle Peretti’s enchanting glass sculptures create a dynamic dialogue—making it a must-visit for contemporary art enthusiasts.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

David Borgerding “RECENT SCULPTURE”  (OCTOBER 3 – 29, 2023)

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery 

400A Julia Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70130

Established in the vibrant city of New Orleans in 1998, the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery has carved out a distinguished presence in the contemporary art landscape. It stands as a collective haven for creative visions—offering a platform for both emerging and established (inter)national contemporary artists.

The gallery—a testament to the vision of gallery owner, artist, activist, and entrepreneur Jonathan Ferrara—operates with a public conscience. Its mission is clear: to give artists a resounding voice, a purpose, and a platform to convey messages that resonate with the world. Since its inception, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery has been a trailblazer—consistently championing artists whose works are characterized by purpose and meaning.

The gallery hosts dynamic monthly exhibitions across various media, renowned for their thought-provoking nature. It’s earned recognition in publications like The New York Times and Art In America. The gallery’s international presence is bolstered by art fair participation and collaborations with museums. In 2023, it was named Louisiana’s top gallery by the American Art Awards—recognizing its commitment to purpose-driven contemporary art.

Upcoming Exhibitions:


LORI COZEN-GELLER “THE HUMAN CONDITION” (October 18 – December 16, 2023)

AIMÉE FARNET SIEGEL (October 18 – December 16, 2023)

ELLIOTT GREEN (December 13, 2023 – February 9, 2024)

Ibis Art Gallery

440 Julia Street, New Orleans, Louisian

Launched on December 1st, 2021, IBIS Contemporary Art Gallery is a refreshing addition to New Orleans’ art landscape—offering a diverse array of contemporary artworks encompassing painting, sculpture, photographs, prints, drawings, and installations. Co-founded and directed by Margaret Davis and Louis Marinaro—both accomplished studio art professors with extensive national and international exhibition records—IBIS brings a wealth of artistic expertise to the city.

Margaret and Louis were drawn to New Orleans’ vibrant and distinctive art community—seeing it as the perfect canvas for their gallery. Located in the Arts District of New Orleans, on Camp Street, the gallery occupies a beautifully restored former costume shop—providing an ideal backdrop for showcasing a wide range of artworks.

IBIS Gallery’s strength lies in its exceptional roster of national and international artists, brought together through the directors’ connections and fresh collaborations. The gallery hosts regular exhibitions—including one and two-person showcases in its main gallery space. A smaller room highlights affiliated artists—many of them local artists.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Margaret Davis  “NAVIGATING” (September 2 – October 28, 2023)

Sullivan Gallery 

3825 Magazine Street New Orleans, LA 70115

Sullivan Gallery emerged as a dynamic newcomer to New Orleans’ art scene—bursting onto the scene during the “Arts for Art’s Sake” event in the autumn of 2018. Its arrival sparked a renewed enthusiasm for the arts in the city—setting the stage for a wave of creative energy.

Over the years, the gallery has meticulously curated more than twelve exhibitions—providing a platform for the talents of artists hailing from the local, national, and international arenas. It is one of several New Orleans art galleries showcasing vast global perspectives.

This intimate art space is helmed by the dynamic duo of gallery director Christina Lauthe and owner Alain Cuneo, who share a profound passion for unique art—including fine photography. As you wander through the gallery, you’ll be captivated by an eclectic selection of artists and their creations—each offering a distinct and inspiring perspective. 

Sullivan Gallery invites you to immerse yourself in a world where creativity knows no bounds, making it a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts seeking fresh and innovative artistic expressions in the heart of New Orleans.

Gryder Art Gallery 

615 Julia Street New Orleans, LA 70130

Gryder Art Gallery—a beacon of artistic innovatio—transcends the boundaries of conventional galleries. Rooted in the belief that art is the compass guiding humanity’s evolution, Gryder provides a canvas for diverse voices and groundbreaking ideas. Its dedication to contemporary art is a testament to its global reach—uniting artists from every corner of the world.

Gryder’s eclectic roster includes established masters, daring outsiders, and promising newcomers—all united by their bold departure from the ordinary. These artists redefine artistic expression—shattering the confines of tradition.

What truly sets Gryder apart is its commitment to thought-provoking exhibitions that delve into the profound intersections of art, culture, and philosophy. It’s a place where difficult questions are asked, and where the artist’s voice resonates—shaping our understanding of the world. Gryder Art Gallery is where art meets intellect, and creativity propels humanity forward.

New Orleans Art Galleries We Sorely Miss

New Orleans—a city simultaneously steeped in so much history and wide-ranging contemporary perspectives—fondly remembers three remarkable galleries that are now sorely missed. 

Boyd Satellite Gallery—founded by architect Ginette Bone and artist Blake Boyd in December 2012—served as the contemporary art hub of New Orleans. It opened its doors on January 5, 2013 with the groundbreaking ‘megalomania’ exhibition featuring nearly 40 diverse talents. 

Barrister’s Gallery—established by visionary artist and curator Andy Antippas in 1984—pushed the boundaries of traditional art forms with its eclectic and avant-garde exhibitions, providing a platform for emerging and established artists. Meanwhile, Ashley Longshore Studio Gallery, created by the charismatic artist Ashley Longshore, celebrated bold colors, pop culture references, and fearless self-expression, becoming a vibrant reflection of her artistic vision. 

These galleries, each unique in their character, continue to leave an indelible mark on New Orleans’ artistic landscape, reminding us of the city’s rich and diverse artistic spirit.

Other Art Destinations to Visit While in Town

If you haven’t had your fill of wonderful artwork from the best art galleries in New Orleans, stop by the following while in town.

  • The McKenna Museum of African-American Art
  • Martin Lawrence Gallery
  • Octavia Art Gallery
  • Frank Relle Fine Photography
  • Ariodante Gallery
  • Besthoff Sculpture Garden
  • Sutton Galleries
  • Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans
  • Ogden Museum

Attending NOLA Artwalk

Before you go, celebrate local and regional artists presented by galleries and pop-ups throughout New Orleans’ art district. Artwalk offers an enriching and immersive experience that visitors of all backgrounds and interests can enjoy. You’ll encounter a captivating blend of contemporary and traditional art forms. As you explore the galleries and studios, you’ll not only marvel at the creativity on display but also connect with the heart of New Orleans’ artistic community.

Upcoming Events



And while you’re in the area, don’t forget to explore the striking murals sponsored by St. Claude Arts along St. Claude Ave in the Old Arabi Cultural District.

By Armela E.