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Architecture and Interior Design Events in November 2023

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As November approaches, the world of architecture and interior design is buzzing with anticipation for a series of exciting events—including Chicago’s Architecture Biennial, IIDEX Canada, Downtown Design Dubai, and the World Architecture Festival. In this article, we explore six architecture and interior design events taking place in November 2023—each offering a unique experience for enthusiasts and experts alike.

Six Architecture and Interior Design Events in November 2023

Attending architecture and interior design events is not only a way to stay updated with the latest industry trends but also a golden opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, learn from leading experts, and be inspired by groundbreaking designs. Here’s a glimpse of what November 2023 has in store.

World Architecture Festival (WAF) and INSIDE Festival

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The World Architecture Festival (WAF) and INSIDE Festival are annual events celebrating outstanding architecture and interior design. These events are held from 29 November to 1 December 2023 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. WAF is the world’s largest live architectural event—combining awards, live judging, conferences, and networking and featuring international architectural awards presentations. 

The festival encompasses events, keynote talks, live judging, exhibitions, relationship networking, and a gala dinner. INSIDE Festival runs alongside WAF—with its own awards and conference program that offers interior design professionals a platform to celebrate, process, exchange ideas, and get inspired. These festivals are for architects, designers, and design enthusiasts. 

BDNY (Boutique Design New York)

BDNY (Boutique Design New York) is a dynamic trade fair specifically tailored for boutique and lifestyle hotel design. Taking place 12 through 13 November 2023, at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City, this event brings together interior designers, architects, purchasing agents, and hospitality owners. 

BDNY encompasses a curated selection of design elements for hotel interiors, Designed Space presentations, and a comprehensive conference program. It’s the go-to event for industry professionals seeking to explore the latest innovations and network with like-minded creatives in the boutique hotel design sector.

Downtown Design Dubai

Downtown Design Dubai—a pivotal part of Dubai Design Week—takes place from 8 through 11 November 2023 on the Design District d3 Waterfront Terrace. As the Middle East’s foremost design trade show, it has garnered increasing importance and reputation. The event brings together established global design names, innovative studios, and artisans—offering a diverse array of designs from around the world. 

It’s an excellent programme for design professionals and enthusiasts and anyone looking to explore the latest trends in a dynamic and creative atmosphere.


IIDEXCanada—Canada’s National Design and Architecture Exposition & Conference—is scheduled to take place from 29 November through 1 December 2023 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This prestigious event at the Metro Toronto Convention Center is an integral part of The North Building—North America’s largest exhibition and networking event for design, construction, and real estate professionals.

IIDEXCanada serves as a platform for national and international exhibitors in the fields of home decoration, design, and architecture. It’s where industry professionals, architects, designers, and those seeking the latest trends in design and architecture converge to explore innovative products, exchange ideas, and stay ahead of the curve. 

If you are a designer or other industry professional, don’t miss the Construct Canada Expo, PM Expo, or the HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo—all of which occur between 29 November and 1 December in Ontario. Learn more, including how to register, here.

The Architecture & Design Film Festival (ADFF)

The Architecture & Design Film Festival (ADFF) is the ultimate cinematic celebration of architecture and design. While the ADFF focus is on screening films year-round, its 15th annual Toronto event will grace the TIFF Bell Lightbox from 1 through 4 November 2023. The festival presents a broad selection of films exploring the world of architecture and design—offering insights into visionary concepts, sustainability, cultural narratives, and personal journeys. 

Architects, designers, film enthusiasts, and anyone intrigued by the future and fusion of architecture and cinema are welcome to partake in this dialogue—an immersive and educational experience.

Chicago Architecture Biennial

This event—the title of which is CAB 5: “This is a Rehearsal”—officially takes place from 1 November 2023 through 11 February 2024. Hosted at the Chicago Cultural Center, this dynamic event showcases exhibitions, full-scale installations, and diverse programming—attracting architects, designers, art enthusiasts, and anyone intrigued by the intersections of art, architecture, technologies, and global issues. 

With over 100 partner sites registered across the city, this biennial experience is a captivating exploration of contemporary innovations and culture—providing free access to creativity for all. Enjoy the stunning buildings that dot Chicago’s skyline, attend each showcase in the city, and watch experienced designers present their latest work as part of this programme.

Which Events Will You Attend?

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a design enthusiast, a creator, or a student eager to learn and network, these six events offer a wealth of inspiration and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. 

From the global stage of the World Architecture Festival program to the intimate setting of Boutique Design New York, the choice is yours. Don’t miss out on these fantastic opportunities to create, grow, learn, and find fresh inspiration in the world of architecture and interior design. 

Which events will you attend? Let us know in the comments below!

By Anila Hasnain.