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Celebrating Female Winners of the Winter X Games 2024

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The X Games Aspen 2024 tends to honor men’s achievements in extreme sports (think Jake Canter’s talent in the Men’s Ski Big Air competition). However, this year’s competition was particularly notable for the remarkable performances of its female athletes, who not only dominated their respective events but also set new records, inspiring fans and fellow competitors alike. Among these athletes, Eileen Gu and Tess Ledeux stood out, each making history in their own right and demonstrating the ever-evolving nature of action sports. Their victories at the X Games not only underscored their exceptional skills but also highlighted the games’ ongoing commitment to diversity, innovation, and audience engagement. Let’s take a closer look!

From Amy Fraser to Eileen Gu: Incredible X Games Athletes

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The X Games in Aspen have long been the pinnacle of extreme sports competition, drawing athletes from across the globe to showcase their skills on the snow and in the air. The 2024 edition was no different, setting the stage for remarkable achievements, particularly from the women competitors who not only pushed the boundaries of their sports but also captivated the audience with their groundbreaking performances.

Snowboarding Champion Gaon Choi

While Gaon Choi didn’t participate in this year’s games, we can’t leave her off this list! Gaon Choi’s victory in 2023 stood out as a historic moment. At just 14 years old, she became the youngest X Games snowboard halfpipe champion, a testament to the evolving nature of the games and the increasing diversity in age and background of its competitors.

Choi’s achievement highlighted the X Games’ commitment to delivering a platform for athletes of all ages, showcasing age-appropriate competition at its finest. Her win not only marked her return to the games but also set new standards for what young athletes can achieve, enhancing the quality and relevance of the competition.

Ski Superpipe Champion Amy Fraser

Amy Fraser had a notable performance at the X Games 2024, participating in the women’s ski superpipe event. She demonstrated her skills and prowess, finishing with a commendable score that highlighted her competitive spirit and expertise in freestyle skiing. Born on March 29, 1995, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Fraser has been a significant part of the national team since 2019, showing her dedication and passion for the sport.

Her journey from starting to ski at the age of two to competing internationally in the half-pipe discipline showcases her development and achievements in freestyle skiing. Fraser’s participation in the X Games adds to her growing list of accomplishments, including her participation in the 2022 Olympic team and notable finishes in World Cup Season events​.

Ski Superpipe Champion Eileen Gu

Eileen Gu, another phenomenal athlete, continued to dominate by winning the Women’s Ski Superpipe. Gu’s performances at the games have always been a blend of elegance and power, and her latest victory was no different. Gu’s success was not just a win in the halfpipe; it was a triumph in audience engagement, drawing more viewers to the games and elevating the level of competition.

Ski Big Air and Slopestyle Champion Tess Ledeux

The X Games also saw Tess Ledeux soar to new heights in the Women’s Ski Big Air and Slopestyle events. Ledeux’s gold medal performances were a showcase of innovation and skill, propelling her into the history books as one of the most decorated athletes in X Games history.

She won gold medals in both the Women’s Ski Big Air and Slopestyle events, marking an incredible feat. Her victory in the Big Air competition was highlighted by a massive double cork 1620 and a switch double cork 1440, showcasing her extraordinary skill and earning her a place in history as one of the most accomplished athletes in X Games history​​​​. This achievement underscores Ledeux’s dominance in the sport and her status as a leading figure in both Big Air and Slopestyle disciplines on the international stage.

Learn more about her rankings here.

Freestyle Skiing Champion Zoe Atkin

Zoe Atkin’s victory at the X Games 2024 in Aspen represents a significant milestone in her career and for British freestyle skiing. She became the first British female skier to win an X Games title, taking gold in the halfpipe event. This achievement came in a competition where the conditions were notably challenging due to snowfall, impacting the competitors’ ability to gain speed and amplitude in the halfpipe.

Despite these difficulties, Atkin managed to adapt her runs, demonstrating resilience and skill under pressure. Her performance not only secured her first X Games medal after previous attempts but also placed her ahead of seasoned competitors. Learn more about her rankings here.

Ski Superpipe Champion Rachael Karker

Rachael Karker delivered an impressive performance at the 2024 Winter X Games in Aspen, securing a medal in the women’s ski superpipe event. Despite challenging conditions and recovering from injuries, Karker showcased her skill with a series of complex maneuvers, including a flair, 900s on both sides, a 720, and a switch. She is a four-time X Games medalist.

Can’t Wait ‘Til Next Year! Thanks, Ladies!

The 2024 X Games showcased a phenomenal display of talent, resilience, and groundbreaking achievements by women athletes. From Gaon Choi’s historic win as the youngest snowboard halfpipe champion to Tess Ledeux’s awe-inspiring performance in Big Air and Slopestyle, and Zoe Atkin’s landmark victory as the first British female skier to win an X Games title, these athletes not only dominated their respective events but also set new standards of excellence. Their success underscores the growing prominence and influence of women in extreme sports, inspiring future generations to push the boundaries of possibility.

We anxiously await the games’ return next year! Visit the organization’s website here for more information.