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From Purses to Plant Hangers: Crafting with a Modern Macramé Kit

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With all of life’s daily pressures and stressors, finding a way to relax and engage in a creative hobby is essential. Macrame, an ancient form of textile crafting using knots, offers just that. It’s a simple yet engaging activity that can help people unwind. Macrame kits, designed for both beginners and experienced crafters, provide all the necessary materials and instructions to get started. These kits make it easy to create everything from wall hangings to plant hangers, offering a hands-on way to relax and enjoy the process of making something unique. In this article, we’ll take a look at some easy macrame kits, showing how this old craft can be a modern method for finding a bit of peace and creativity.

What is Macrame?

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Cutwork, macramé, Italian, 17th century, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Macrame is a form of textile art and craft that involves knotting cords or strings into decorative or functional pieces, without the use of knitting needles or crochet hooks. Originating from the ancient traditions of Arabic weavers in the 13th century and later adopted by sailors and spread across the globe, macrame has seen various cultural adaptations and revivals, particularly in the 1970s and again in recent years.

The art of macrame involves various knotting techniques, including the square knot, lark’s head knot, and hitching, to create intricate patterns and textures. These techniques are employed to make a wide range of items such as wall hangings, plant hangers, jewelry, bags, and home décor. Macrame is celebrated for its bohemian aesthetic and the hands-on satisfaction it provides, making it a beloved hobby among DIY enthusiasts and crafters seeking to add a personalized touch of craftsmanship to their living spaces.

To date, it is one of the most popular home crafts due to how easy it is to learn, a wide variety of projects from accessories to decor, the affordable price point, and our ability to order kits online. We know that our team has saved macrame inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest more than once!

Macrame Kits for Beginners

DIY Macrame Rainbow Kit by Piglet and Chestnut on Etsy

Image Credit: PigletandChestnut on Etsy

This enchanting kit from Piglet and Chestnut on Etsy invites crafters to weave a bit of whimsy into their creations with a DIY macrame rainbow. Praised for its clear, brilliant instructions and suitability for completing over a few relaxed evenings, this kit is a favorite among those looking to create something both beautiful and straightforward. It’s an ideal pick for crafters of any skill level seeking a project that combines simplicity with the joy of creating something charming and colorful.

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MIGO Creates Macrame Kits for Adult Beginners

Available on Amazon, MIGO Creates offers a well-rounded starter kit that includes everything needed to delve into the world of boho macrame. From a hat holder and wall hanging to a plant holder, this kit comprises 59 tools, including natural cotton cord and wooden beads, providing a rich palette for beginners to explore and create. It’s an all-encompassing package designed to kickstart your macrame crafting journey, offering a variety of projects that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Wool Couture Macrame Kits

Wool Couture’s macrame kits stand out for their versatility and suitability for crafters at all levels. Whether you’re a novice looking to learn the basics or a more experienced maker aiming to refine your skills, these kits offer something special.

Including everything from plant hangers to wall hangings, along with macrame books and accessories, they’re packed with resources to guide your crafting process. These kits from Wool Couture are a testament to the craft’s adaptability and enduring appeal, providing a comprehensive set of tools and instructions to support a broad spectrum of macrame projects.

One of our favorites is the company’s Macrame Weave Kit, which is a more free-form, organic way to start this craft.

Tools and Materials You’ll Find in Each Macrame Kit

A macrame kit is designed to provide crafters, whether beginners or more advanced practitioners, with all the necessary materials and instructions to create macrame projects such as wall hangings, plant hangers, keychains, and more. The contents of a kit can vary widely depending on the project complexity and the target skill level, but there are several staple items commonly included.

Macrame Cord or Rope

The heart of any macrame kit is the macrame cord or rope, which is the primary material used to knot and form the structure of the project. This cord can vary in thickness, color, and length, tailored to the specific project included in the kit.

Wooden Dowels, Hooks, or Rings

Additionally, many kits come with one or more wooden dowels or rings, which serve as the framework from which the macrame is either hung or attached. These structural elements are essential for projects like wall hangings, so you’ll usually find them in a typical macrame plant hanger kit.

Instructions and Recommendations

Whether you are creating jewelry to gift, plant hangers for your apartment, or a bag to hold your farmer’s market vegetables, macrame kits often include a variety of supplementary materials provided by sellers to enhance the crafting experience and ensure all of your questions are answered.

For instance, detailed instructions or patterns are crucial, providing step-by-step guidance to complete the project. These can be in the form of printed booklets, cards, or even digital downloads and videos for a more interactive tutorial experience. Be sure to read all content provided by the companies that sell macrame kits. You can always search for tips online, but the kit you bought has the best, most specific instructions.

Embellishments and Tools

Accessories like beads, feathers, and decorative rings can also be part of the kit, allowing crafters to personalize their creations. Tools specific to macrame, such as scissors, measuring tapes, and sometimes even combs for fringing, might be included to ensure crafters have everything they need to start and finish their projects without needing to source additional materials.

The goal of a macrame kit is to offer a convenient, easy, and accessible entry point into the craft, ensuring an enjoyable and successful crafting experience. Please share your projects with us by emailing our EIC at editor@designdash.com.