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A Rare Plant Lovers’ Paradise: Best Places to Buy Plants Online

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The thrill of the hunt is undeniable, especially when it comes to finding that elusive, rare plant to elevate your collection. While we encourage you to form a connection with your local nursery, the world of online plant shopping opens a gateway to botanical treasures you may have never imagined. From vibrant variegated Monsteras to exotic Hoyas, the internet offers a vast marketplace for passionate plant enthusiasts. Whether you shop on TikTok or at Bloomscape, here’s how to buy plants online.

From Rare to Run-of-the-Mill: Here’s Where to Order Plants Online


Image Credit: Anthurium clarinervium Starter Plant, TheGreenEscape

Interestingly, Etsy actually offers a wide selection from independent sellers, including both popular categories and rare plants that are difficult to find anywhere else. Just don’t expect to pay the regular price you might at a big box nursery.

For example, The Green Escape specializes in aroids, including rare Philodendrons and Monsteras. They often have unique and variegated plants. ArtandtheGarden offers harder-to-find trailing varieties, like Peperomia Ruby Cascade and Ceropegia Woodii (String of Hearts).

Though it does depend on the shop, your plants should arrive in good shape. Search for specific varieties or browse curated collections for the best plants.


PlantVers is a notable online retailer focusing on a variety of houseplants, including rare and exotic species which are specifically selected for their air-purifying qualities and non-toxicity to pets. This makes it an ideal choice for pet owners who also want to enhance their living spaces with greenery.

They emphasize sustainability not only in their product selections but also in their packaging solutions, ensuring everything is eco-friendly and designed to keep the plants healthy during transit. PlantVers is committed to providing extensive plant care guidance, making it easier for customers to maintain their plants’ health long after purchase.

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Hirt’s Gardens

Hirt’s Gardens has built a reputation as a comprehensive source for a multitude of plants, ranging from rare herbs to vibrant tropical houseplants and robust hardy perennials. They have an extensive catalog of succulents and cacti, popular for their adaptability and unique aesthetics.

Seasonal favorites like Christmas cacti and amaryllis are also prominently featured. Hirt’s Gardens is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction through detailed care instructions and responsive customer service, helping gardeners of all levels grow successful plant collections. Explore their collection of plants and have each species you love delivered to your door!

The Sill

The Sill caters to the urban plant enthusiast with a selection of stylishly potted indoor plants designed for ease of care and suitability for a variety of indoor environments. This company is known for their curated selection of houseplants with some harder-to-find options, like their Monstera ‘Thai Constellation.’

They may not focus on rare plants, but their offerings are meticulously curated to ensure that even beginners can successfully cultivate their green thumbs in any space. The Sill is especially recognized for its modern, fashionable planters that easily integrate into any contemporary decor, providing an instant aesthetic uplift along with environmental benefits.

Subscriptions from The Sill make a great gift given the high quality of each plant and the swift, safe plant delivery.

TikTok Shops

TikTok Shops is a dynamic platform where various sellers showcase their plant offerings through engaging videos. This format allows potential buyers to see the plants in a more realistic setting, learn care tips directly from the sellers, and read real-time reviews from other users. The interactive nature of TikTok Shops makes it an exciting avenue for discovering both common and rare plant varieties, making it a favorite among younger audiences who appreciate the blend of entertainment and shopping.

However, the nature of TikTok Shop means that smaller sellers and niche shops pop up and disappear quickly. What’s popular today might not exist tomorrow. Unlike Etsy, TikTok Shop doesn’t have an easy way to search specifically for “rare plant” sellers. You’ll often discover them through recommendations or hashtags.

Here’s how to find quality rare plant shops on TikTok:

Use hashtags like #rareplants, #plantsoftiktok, #planttiktok, #houseplantcollection, #plantshopping. Follow specific influencers. Many plant influencers on TikTok Shop highlight and collaborate with smaller rare plant sellers they trust. Keep an eye on who they mention and tag. Explore the ‘Shop’ Tab regularly. While there’s no rare plant filter, browsing the ‘Shop’ tab on TikTok can lead you to interesting finds.

Crimson Horticulture Rarities

Located in Oakland, California, Crimson Horticulture Rarities stands out for its selection of unique and often rare plants, including exotic air plants and specialty succulents. They are known not just for selling plants but for creating artistic arrangements that are as much decor as horticulture. Crimson Horticulture Rarities appeals to those who view plant keeping as an art form and are looking for statement pieces that draw the eye and start conversations.

House Plant Shop

House Plant Shop offers a broad spectrum of houseplants, from everyday favorites to rare species, with a unique twist through their subscription service. Each month, subscribers receive a new plant, which adds an element of surprise and discovery to their collection. Known for their meticulous packaging, the House Plant Shop ensures plants arrive in peak condition, accompanied by detailed care guides tailored to each plant’s needs, making it a dependable resource for nurturing a diverse indoor garden.

Plant Swag Shop

The Plant Swag Shop targets the modern, trendy plant lover by offering a selection of chic and rare houseplants, including those with unique variegations and hard-to-find traits. Their offerings are designed to appeal to those seeking more than the average greenery, with a focus on adding stylish elements to one’s plant collection. The shop also provides comprehensive plant care information and trendy accessories to help enthusiasts create visually appealing displays in their homes.


Bloomscape differentiates itself by shipping plants directly from their greenhouse to the customer’s doorstep, ensuring that the plants are healthy, fresh, and ready to thrive in a new environment. Their selection includes a mix of common and rare plants, all shipped with the necessary care instructions to integrate seamlessly into homes.

Bloomscape’s robust packaging guarantees the safe arrival of plants, and their detailed care guides support customers in maintaining their plant’s health and vigor. Members of our team have personally ordered plants through Bloomscape and were pleased when they arrived unscathed and sprung to life from the box.

Lively Root

Lively Root focuses on offering a wide range of plant varieties from the most common to the more unusual, all cultivated under sustainable and eco-friendly conditions. They emphasize environmental conservation and plant health, making them an ideal choice for the eco-conscious consumer. Lively Root supports its customers with expert guidance on plant care, ensuring that each plant not only survives but thrives, promoting a greener, more sustainable approach to plant cultivation and care.

Final Thoughts on Buying Rare Plants Online

When venturing into the world of online plant shopping, especially for rare and exotic species, it’s essential to perform your due diligence. Research the seller’s reputation, read customer reviews, and verify that the plants are ethically sourced.

For women who are passionate about supporting local economies and minimizing environmental impact, consider shopping at local nurseries or community markets whenever possible. Not only does this help strengthen your community, but it also allows you to personally inspect the plants, ensuring their health and suitability for your home environment. Connect with your local nursery and, if need be, wait until they receive your plant in stock.

Additionally, be aware of the care needs for rare plants—they often require specific conditions to thrive. Lastly, always inquire about return policies and guarantees, to ensure that you can confidently invest in your green companions knowing there is support if issues arise. Happy planting!