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Art Subscription Boxes to Pique Curiosity and Foster Creativity

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Whether you’re a seasoned professional artist or an enthusiastic hobbyist, sometimes a little creative spark is all you need to take your work to the next level. Art subscription boxes are the perfect solution! They introduce you to exciting new media and tools you might not have discovered on your own. If you feel stuck in a creative rut or simply want to expand your artistic horizons, giving one of these boxes a try might be your next step.

What to Consider When Selecting an Art Subscription Box

First, consider your interests. What mediums do you like to work in (drawing, painting, mixed media)? Are you interested in a broader range of crafts? Next, assess your skill level. Are you a beginner, or a more experienced artist looking to expand your toolkit? Some boxes cater more to beginners, others are great for all levels. Finally, think about budget. Art subscriptions range in price, so factor in what you’re comfortable spending. But don’t forget about discount codes! Many stores offer them.

Our Top Ten Favorite Subscription Boxes for Art Supplies


SketchBox offers a monthly subscription where artists receive 4 to 6 premium art supplies, featuring well-known brands like Golden, Copic, and Prismacolor. Prices start at around $25 per month. Subscribers love the quality and variety of the products, as well as the inclusion of exclusive and limited edition items. SketchBox frequently includes a small piece of art created using that month’s supplies, serving as inspiration. Subscribers appreciate the opportunity to discover new products and techniques. More information can be found at SketchBox.


ArtSnacks is a monthly subscription service priced at about $24 per month, providing 4-5 full-sized, high-quality art products from top brands like Winsor & Newton, Tombow, and Sakura. Customers rave about the “ArtSnacks Challenge,” which encourages creating an artwork using only the supplies in the box. This encourages creativity and exploration. The community aspect, with access to an exclusive online group, is also a big hit. Visit their website at ArtSnacks.

Paletteful Packs

This company offers three different subscription levels starting at $24.95 per month. Each box includes a variety of art supplies, from paints and brushes to pens and canvases, featuring brands like Daniel Smith, Derwent, and Faber-Castell. Customers love the quality and the surprise element of discovering new mediums and breaking out of their comfort zone. Boxes are delivered monthly, and more details are available at Paletteful Packs.

Smart Art Box

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The Smart Art Box, available for about $49.95 per month, provides artists with a comprehensive, featured project each month, complete with full size supplies and a detailed guide. Brands often included are Pebeo, Daler-Rowney, and Stabilo. What subscribers love most is the educational aspect of the box, which helps them learn new techniques and complete a project from start to finish. Boxes are sent monthly, and you can learn more at Smart Art Box.


For approximately £15 per month, ScrawlrBox sends out a box of mystery art supplies, typically including items from brands like Posca, Staedtler, and Chameleon. Subscribers are particularly fond of the challenge that comes with each box, which involves using the month’s supplies to create a themed artwork. This UK-based service is beloved for its creativity boost and the high-quality supplies provided. ScrawlrBox makes a great gift due to the mystery element and collaborations with every artist’s favorite brands. Their website is ScrawlrBox.

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The Inky Box

The Inky Box, with subscriptions starting around $25, specializes in calligraphy and lettering, featuring creative tools and supplies from brands like Tombow, Kuretake, and Pilot. Subscribers enjoy the variety of inks, pens, and exclusive practice worksheets provided. Boxes are mailed monthly. This box is a favorite among lettering enthusiasts for its focus on this specific art form. Visit The Inky Box for more information.

Maker Crate by KiwiCo

Priced at about $29.95 per month, Maker Crate from KiwiCo focuses on a different craft project each month, such as textile arts or electronics, featuring high-quality materials suitable for older children and adults. Subscribers enjoy the clear instructions and the functional, often stylish end products they can create. This subscription is appreciated for its educational value and the quality of the projects. Details can be found at KiwiCo.

The Adults & Crafts Crate

This box, which costs around $33 per month, will definitely inspire you. It delivers craft projects that can include anything from woodworking to candle making, using brands like Crayola and Fiskars. Crafters love the diversity of the projects and the completeness of each kit, which includes everything needed to finish the craft. Monthly delivery keeps the creativity flowing. Check out their offerings at The Adults & Crafts Crate.

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Bargain Bead Box

For those into jewelry making, the Bargain Bead Box offers a monthly dose of beads and findings for about $17.95 per month. This box is celebrated for its exceptional value and the quality and variety of beads, often themed around a color or style. Customers love the surprise elements and the plentiful supply that enables them to create several pieces of jewelry. Their site is Bargain Bead Box.

Artful Box

Artful Box, costing approximately £25 per month, provides a curated selection of art supplies and an accompanying magazine filled with tutorials and features. Brands often included are Derwent, Seawhite, and Scrawlr. Subscribers enjoy the high-quality materials and the magazine, which offers deep dives into various techniques and artist profiles. This box is praised for its educational content and the encouragement to experiment with new styles. Visit Artful Box for more.

Final Thoughts on Subscription Art Supplies

So, ditch the creative block and unleash your inner artist! Delivered regularly to your door, think of each subscription box as an investment in your passion. Take the plunge. You might just surprise yourself with the masterpieces you’ll create.