Las Vegas strip will soon feature the Las Vegas Art Museum

LACMA and Elaine Wynn Collaborate On First Las Vegas Art Museum

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In 2028, visitors to the Strip and Sin City locals will welcome the Las Vegas Museum of Art. This soon-to-be hub of contemporary and modern art is a collaborative effort between LACMA and visionary philanthropist Elaine Wynn. Let’s celebrate Wynn’s dedication to enriching the arts and anticipate the dynamic exhibitions and experiences the LVMA will undoubtedly bring to the city! Read on to learn all about the new art museum.

Why We’re So Excited for This New Fine Art Museum

The Las Vegas Museum of Art (LVMA) is shaping up to be a significant cultural landmark with several exciting elements. First, LVMA is being developed in partnership with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)—one of America’s foremost art institutions—and the Elaine P. Wynn & Family Foundation. Elaine Wynn, a noted philanthropist, has been influential in the Las Vegas arts scene, and her involvement suggests a strong commitment to the arts and community enrichment.

A Female Founder for Las Vegas’ First Art Museum!

The museum’s focus on contemporary and modern art is a draw, but so are its founders. At DesignDash, we are all about empowering and elevating women in creative professions. It’s really the heart of our company. So let’s talk about the museum’s founder: Elaine Wynn. Wynn, often referred to as the “Queen of Las Vegas,” has made significant contributions to the arts both within Las Vegas and beyond. Her philanthropic efforts are notable for their impact on cultural, educational, and social initiatives. Here are some highlights of her involvement in the arts:

Elaine Wynn has been a major philanthropic force in the arts. As a co-founder of Wynn Resorts, she has had access to resources and platforms that have enabled her to support various cultural endeavors. Of course, Elaine Wynn has also been a long-time supporter and was a board member of LACMA, one of the most prominent art museums in the U.S. Her contributions there have helped fund exhibitions and the expansion of the museum’s collections.

She has shown a strong commitment to arts education, demonstrated through her support for local institutions such as the Nevada School of the Arts. Her contributions help foster arts education and accessibility for young people. Through her family foundation, Elaine Wynn has directed funds and support to a variety of artistic and cultural programs. This foundation has been instrumental in supporting arts initiatives that benefit communities and enhance public access to the arts.

Elaine Wynn has been a vocal advocate for arts education in schools, recognizing the importance of the arts in developing comprehensive educational experiences for children. Her advocacy efforts have helped ensure that the arts remain a critical part of educational curricula.

Answering All Your FAQs About LVMA

Why is the Wynn Foundation Involved?

Elaine Wynn, a former casino executive and billionaire, is a renowned art collector and philanthropist. She’s passionate about enhancing the cultural landscape of Las Vegas and views this museum as a major step toward that goal. Elaine Wynn is also a major supporter and co-chair of the LACMA board of trustees.

This partnership allows her to leverage the LACMA connection to secure loans and expertise. The Wynn Foundation’s involvement is a way for the Wynn name to create a lasting legacy for Las Vegas by contributing to the city’s arts and culture.

Where Will Visitors Find LVMA?

Located in Symphony Park, a key area for downtown Las Vegas’ cultural development, the LVMA will be situated among other artistic and performance spaces. Symphony Park is relatively close to the Las Vegas Strip. It is located in downtown Las Vegas, just a few miles north of the city Strip.

This makes it easily accessible for both tourists and locals, as it’s only about a 10-15 minute drive, depending on traffic. The proximity allows Symphony Park to benefit from the high foot traffic and visibility that the Strip brings, while also serving as a cultural counterpoint to the entertainment-focused main drag of Las Vegas.

How Big Will the Museum Be?

The museum’s size, ranging from 60,000 to 90,000 square feet, indicates a substantial venue capable of hosting a variety of exhibitions and events. The estimated cost of $150 million underscores the scale and ambition of the project, aiming for a world-class facility.

When Will LVMA Open?

With an anticipated opening in 2028, the planning and development stages are crucial for laying the groundwork for a successful launch. This timeline allows for detailed curation of the museum’s offerings and the architectural development of its space.

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As of now, specific details regarding admission costs, museum hours, tickets sales, guided tours, and programs for children at the Las Vegas Museum of Art (LVMA) have not been publicly announced. These aspects of operation are typically decided closer to the museum’s opening.

What Will Its Collection Include?

While the exact details of the collection are still under wraps, the focus on contemporary and modern art will likely attract a diverse audience. This focus also complements the existing artistic landscape of Las Vegas, which includes various immersive art experiences but lacks a traditional museum of this scale focused on modern art.

Here’s Where You Can Enjoy Art in Las Vegas Before the Museum Opens

Enjoy stories by incredible artists at the Wynn's art collection.

The art collections at Wynn and Encore hotels come highly recommended. They are a testament to the owners’ passion for fine art, integrated seamlessly into the fabric of these luxurious resorts. These collections feature original works by famous artists such as Picasso, Jeff Koons, and Andy Warhol, among others. Be sure to tour the following collections before you end your trip to Las Vegas.

  • The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art (BGFA) at the Bellagio Hotel.
  • Large-scale murals, sculptures, digital art installations, and interactive pieces throughout The Cosmopolitan.
  • The Palms Casino Resort distinguishes itself with a bold collection of contemporary and street art.