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From Parc Astérix to Montmartre: What to Do In Paris with Kids

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Discovering Paris with kids is an enchanting experience that offers a unique blend of education, adventure, and unforgettable memories. Of course, the City of Light is a treasure trove of art, history, and culture, but it’s also a playground of endless possibilities for families. From world-famous landmarks and museums to charming parks and innovative children’s activities, Paris provides a rich backdrop that can captivate the imaginations of young and old alike.

There’s so much more to see and do than watching the Eiffel Tower light up or driving past the Arc de Triomphe. This DesignDash guide will explore the best family-friendly attractions and provide practical tips to make your family’s visit to Paris both enjoyable and hassle-free—ensuring that your vacation is nothing short of magical. Below are our top tips to ensure all family members enjoy the entire trip.

Everywhere to Go and See While You Visit Paris with Kids

Paris is a wonderful city for children—offering a mix of fun, educational, and culturally enriching activities for your family trip. Better yet, the city offers a variety of attractions that both younger kids and parents can enjoy together—making it a perfect destination for family outings. From a picnic lunch in Champ de Mars to the comic book amusement park Parc Astérix, below are a few fun things to do with young kids during your Paris trip.


Montmartre is one of Paris’s most enchanting neighborhoods, exuding an old-world charm that captivates visitors of all ages. As you meander through its quaint, cobbled streets, you’re transported to a bygone era of artists and writers who found inspiration in this scenic hilltop community. The area is dotted with delightful cafés and shops that invite leisurely exploration. For families, Montmartre offers a blend of artistic flair and whimsical street performances, often seen in the bustling Place du Tertre where artists paint and sketch in the open air, creating a lively and interactive atmosphere.

At the heart of Montmartre stands the majestic Sacré-Cœur Basilica, a white-domed monument that is as inspiring inside as it is from the outside. Visitors, especially families, can climb to the dome to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the entire city of Paris. The steps leading up to the basilica serve as a perfect spot for parents to relax and take in the scene while children often find joy in the expansive space in front of the church, which is also a popular venue for impromptu performances and gatherings.

This iconic setting not only provides a historical and cultural backdrop but also offers a tranquil respite from the bustling city below, making it a must-visit for families seeking a mix of relaxation and cultural enrichment.

Seine River Cruise

A Seine River cruise is an iconic way to experience the heart of Paris, providing a peaceful retreat from the city’s bustling streets with a perspective that is both unique and captivating. As the boat glides along the gentle currents, passengers are treated to stunning views of major Parisian landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the majestic Louvre. These cruises often come equipped with audio guides available in multiple languages, offering historical insights and interesting anecdotes that enrich the visual experience. Whether it’s day or night, the sight of these monuments from the river is an unforgettable sight, offering perfect photo opportunities and lasting memories.

Choosing a Seine River cruise also allows families to appreciate the architectural beauty and historical significance of Paris’s many bridges (and even the Île de la Cité), each with its own story. The Pont Neuf, Paris’s oldest standing bridge, and the artistic Pont des Arts are just a couple of the noteworthy crossings that add to the charm of the cruise route. For children and adults alike, these cruises can provide a moment of relaxation amidst a day of touring, offering refreshments and a chance to see the city from a serene, floating vantage point.

Many cruises offer special evening rides that include dinner or a glass of wine, perfect for parents to unwind as the city lights begin to sparkle along the water. Kids can enjoy a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and a sandwich at the same time.

Le Marais

Le Marais is one of Paris’s most vibrant and family-friendly districts, offering a blend of historical depth and contemporary charm that appeals to all ages. As families stroll through its narrow, picturesque streets, they encounter a lively array of boutique shops, artisanal bakeries, and cozy cafes that invite exploration and discovery.

For children, the excitement of spotting small, hidden parks and playgrounds nestled among the historic buildings adds an element of surprise to their visit. The district’s rich history is palpable in its preserved architecture and cobblestone streets, which provide a tangible connection to the past, enhancing both educational and cultural experiences for visiting families.

One of the crown jewels of Le Marais is the Place des Vosges, Paris’s oldest planned square, known for its uniform architecture and beautifully manicured lawns. This square is a perfect spot for families to relax and enjoy a picnic, with ample space for kids to play safely while parents admire the stunning facades surrounding them.

Additionally, the Musée Picasso, just a stone’s throw away, offers an intriguing visit for older children and adults alike, showcasing the works of Pablo Picasso in an engaging way that can inspire young artists. The museum often hosts workshops and activities tailored to younger visitors, making art both accessible and enjoyable for children. Overall, Le Marais not only captivates with its beauty but also enriches family visits with its blend of art, history, and lively street culture.

Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum, with its vast and diverse collections, is a fantastic destination for families visiting Paris, offering a stimulating educational environment for children of all ages. Beyond its fame for housing masterpieces like the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo, the museum’s extensive array of ancient Egyptian artifacts and Greek and Roman sculptures can spark the imaginations of young visitors, making history come alive in an engaging way. The thematic trails and audio guides available at the Louvre are designed to make the art and historical objects more accessible and intriguing to children, helping them connect with the cultures and stories behind the exhibits.

Additionally, the Louvre is particularly accommodating to families with children through its various tailored programs and workshops. The museum offers specific family tours that engage children with interactive activities and puzzles to solve as they explore different sections of the museum, making the visit both fun and educational.

During school holidays and on weekends, the museum often hosts workshops where children can learn about art techniques and even try their hand at creating their own artworks, guided by professionals. These programs are thoughtfully designed to make the vast collections of the Louvre accessible and enjoyable for young minds, ensuring that a visit to this iconic museum is a memorable and enriching experience for the entire family.

Centre Pompidou

Known for its modern art collections, the Centre Pompidou also offers workshops and special events for children, making it engaging for all ages. The architecture of the building itself, with its colorful and exposed structural elements, is likely to capture the curiosity of young visitors from the outset. Inside, the museum houses an impressive array of modern and contemporary art that can appeal to diverse tastes and age groups.

For children, this introduction to art is made accessible through a variety of multimedia displays and interactive installations, which help to demystify art and make the experience more engaging. These features not only entertain but also stimulate creative thinking and visual understanding among young museum-goers.

Beyond just viewing art, the Centre Pompidou enhances its appeal to families through a host of specially designed workshops and events that cater to young audiences. These activities are crafted to introduce children to art concepts and practical techniques in an enjoyable and supportive environment. For instance, the Atelier des Enfants (Children’s Workshop) offers programs where children can engage in hands-on art-making sessions, guided by artists and educators who encourage expression and creativity.

These workshops vary, covering different aspects of art and design, from painting and sculpture to digital art, providing a platform for children to explore their interests and talents. The Centre Pompidou’s commitment to making art accessible to all ages, combined with its central location in Paris, makes it a valuable stop for families looking to enrich their cultural experience while in the city.


Sainte-Chapelle is a gem in the heart of Paris that offers a visually stunning experience for families with its awe-inspiring stained glass windows that depict biblical stories in vibrant colors and meticulous detail. This Gothic chapel, built in the 13th century, is not only a lesson in medieval architecture but also in the art of stained glass creation, making it an educational visit for children and adults alike.

The way light filters through the panes, illuminating the interior with a kaleidoscope of colors, captures the imagination of younger visitors, making it a captivating backdrop for parents to introduce their children to historical art and storytelling. The intimate size of Sainte-Chapelle ensures that visits can be manageable and engaging for families, making it an enriching addition to a cultural tour of Paris.

Picnic in Champ de Mars

A picnic in the Champ de Mars offers families an ideal opportunity to relax and enjoy quality time together in one of Paris’s most picturesque settings. This expansive green space, located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, provides not only a stunning backdrop for a leisurely meal but also ample room for children to play and explore safely. The park is a favorite among locals and tourists alike, perfect for flying kites, playing ball, or just sprawled out on a blanket.

The sight of the iconic Eiffel Tower overhead adds a magical touch to the experience, making meals memorable. For families visiting Paris, a picnic at Champ de Mars combines the pleasures of outdoor dining with the thrill of being up close to one of the world’s most famous landmarks, creating a delightful and relaxed day out for everyone.

Opera Garnier

Visiting the Opera Garnier offers a unique cultural experience for families traveling to Paris, blending stunning architecture with the performing arts. The opulence of its interior, featuring grand staircases, intricate frescoes, and sparkling chandeliers, is bound to captivate both adults and younger children alike. A guided tour of this historic opera house not only educates visitors about its architectural and artistic significance but also introduces children to the glamorous world of opera and ballet.

Attending a performance can be particularly magical, offering families a chance to dress up and enjoy a sophisticated evening out, experiencing the powerful acoustics and breathtaking performances that bring classic tales to life. This kind of cultural outing is not only entertaining but also enriching, providing a memorable few hours during your next trip to Paris.

Versailles Palace and Gardens

Versailles Palace and Gardens offer a majestic escape for families visiting Paris, presenting a splendid mix of history, art, and nature. The grandeur of the palace captures the imagination with its richly decorated rooms and historical significance, providing a fascinating glimpse into the lives of French royalty. Beyond the palace itself, the expansive gardens invite families to explore their meticulously arranged landscapes, featuring intricate flower beds, impressive fountains, and extensive walking paths that are ideal for a leisurely stroll or a bike ride.

Children, in particular, will enjoy the freedom to run and play in the vast open spaces and discover hidden corners like the Queen’s Hamlet, a rustic retreat built for Marie Antoinette. Whether it’s marveling at the grand water displays during the Musical Fountain Shows or enjoying a family picnic in the serene surroundings, Versailles offers a perfect blend of educational and recreational activities that can enrich any family vacation.

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Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie

The Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris is an exceptional destination for families, particularly those with curious young minds eager to learn about science and technology. As one of the largest science museums in Europe, it houses an incredible variety of interactive exhibits that cover everything from fundamental scientific principles to advanced technology and space exploration.

Children can engage hands-on with experiments and simulations that make learning fun and memorable, such as exploring a real submarine or experiencing the wonders of the cosmos in the planetarium. The museum’s design is specifically aimed at sparking curiosity across all ages, making it an educational adventure that encourages children to think critically and creatively about the world around them. This makes the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie not just a place to see but a place to do, offering a stimulating day out for the entire family in the heart of Parc de la Villette.

Jardin d’Acclimatation

The Jardin d’Acclimatation, nestled in the scenic Bois de Boulogne, is a delightful amusement park that has been a favorite for families since 1860. Perfect for a day trip with children, the park blends traditional amusement rides with cultural and educational activities. Young visitors can enjoy a variety of attractions, such as exploring animal enclosures where they can learn about different species, riding ponies through picturesque settings, or watching enchanting puppet shows that spark their imagination.

The narrow-gauge train offers a charming way to tour the park, providing fun and relaxation for the whole family. With its combination of playful, educational, and nature-oriented experiences, Jardin d’Acclimatation offers a wholesome and engaging environment, making it an ideal spot for families seeking a fun-filled day in Paris.

Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens is an idyllic destination for families visiting Paris, offering a serene and picturesque setting that’s ideal for a leisurely day out. Renowned for its well-manicured lawns, majestic trees, and beautiful flowerbeds, the garden provides a spacious and safe environment where children can play and explore. Young visitors are particularly delighted by the traditional puppet shows, which offer a charming cultural experience, and the opportunity for pony rides around the scenic grounds.

Another popular activity is sailing model boats on the grand pond, a timeless and engaging pastime that allows children to interact with each other and enjoy the outdoors. For parents, these gardens offer a tranquil retreat in the heart of the city, where they can relax and watch their children play.

Whether it’s enjoying a picnic, exploring the historic statues and fountains, or simply basking in the natural beauty, Luxembourg Gardens is a perfect blend of relaxation, exposure to French culture, and recreation for families.

Musée Grévin

The Musée Grévin provides a unique and entertaining experience for families visiting Paris, featuring an impressive collection of wax figures of famous historical figures, celebrities, and fictional characters. Children are particularly fascinated by seeing lifelike replicas of their favorite heroes and icons, from movie stars to sports legends. The museum offers an interactive journey through different eras and themes, allowing kids to connect with cultural and historical contexts in a fun and engaging way.

Parents will appreciate the educational aspect of the exhibits, which are accompanied by informative displays explaining the significance of each figure and the times they represent. Additionally, the Musée Grévin’s enchanting setting, with elaborately decorated scenes and backdrops, makes for fantastic photo opportunities, ensuring that a visit here is both memorable and magical for the whole family.

Aquarium de Paris

The Aquarium de Paris offers a captivating undersea adventure that is perfect for families looking to mix education with entertainment during their visit to Paris. Located conveniently in the Trocadéro Gardens, close to the Eiffel Tower, this aquarium presents an impressive array of marine life, from colorful fish and corals to sharks and rays, providing an excellent introduction to the wonders of the ocean. The interactive touch pools and informative displays engage children, allowing them to learn about marine ecosystems in a hands-on manner.

Additionally, the aquarium hosts a variety of workshops and shows, including mermaid performances and educational talks, which are designed to capture the imaginations of young audiences and foster a deeper appreciation for marine conservation. This combination of interactive learning and entertainment makes the Aquarium de Paris a delightful and enriching experience for both kids and parents alike.

Disneyland Paris

Explore Disney Paris with kids

Disney Paris is a fantasy world where children and families can dive into the enchanting realms of their favorite Disney stories. Located just outside central Paris, this theme park is packed with a myriad of themed rides, shows, and attractions that cater to all age groups. Families can meet beloved Disney characters, watch spectacular parades and live shows, and explore beautifully crafted lands like Fantasyland and Adventureland.

Each ride and attraction is designed to immerse visitors in magical stories, making it a dream destination for children. For parents, the joy of seeing their children’s faces light up with excitement and wonder adds to the charm of the visit, making Disneyland Paris a must-visit for creating lasting family memories.

You can reach Disneyland Paris using the Paris public transportation system, but not directly with the Paris Metro. Instead, you would use the RER, which is a regional train network that connects central Paris with its surrounding suburbs.

Natural History Museum

The Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, located within the serene Jardin des Plantes, offers a fascinating exploration into the natural world. This museum complex includes the Grande Galerie de l’Évolution, which presents a stunning display of biodiversity and evolutionary history, and specialized museums like the Mineralogy Museum and the Paleontology Museum.

Children will be captivated by the dinosaur skeletons and the wide array of animals displayed in lifelike poses. The interactive exhibits and educational programs are specifically designed to spark curiosity and inspire a deeper interest in science and nature, making it an educational and enjoyable outing for the entire family.

Parc Astérix

Parc Astérix, themed after the beloved French comic book series “Asterix the Gaul,” offers a unique cultural twist to the traditional theme park experience. Located about 35 km north of Paris, this amusement park combines thrilling rides with live shows and historical re-enactments based on the adventures of Asterix and his friends.

The park’s Gaulish village atmosphere and its rides, such as the roller coasters and water attractions, provide fun and laughter for the whole family. Special events and performances, including magic shows and ancient Roman battles, enrich the experience, making Parc Astérix a thrilling and educational day out for children and adults alike.

Parc Astérix is the closest attraction to Charles de Gaulle Airport. Parc Astérix is located approximately 20 kilometers from the airport, making it a relatively short and convenient drive of about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on traffic. This proximity makes Parc Astérix an excellent option for families looking to enjoy a theme park experience soon after arriving in Paris or just before their departure.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is an iconic symbol of Paris that offers a breathtaking experience for families. While the structure itself is a marvel of engineering, the real excitement for children comes when they ascend to the viewing platforms. The panoramic views of Paris from the top are spectacular, providing a memorable and somewhat thrilling experience for younger visitors.

Even for those apprehensive about heights, the journey up the tower can be exhilarating. The Eiffel Tower also features immersive historical exhibits that explain its construction and significance, adding an educational element to the visit, making it enjoyable for the whole family.

Accommodations for Families with Young Children in Paris

When vacationing in Paris with small children, choosing between an Airbnb and a hotel hinges on several factors. An Airbnb typically offers more space and home-like comforts such as multiple bedrooms and a kitchen, which is ideal for families needing flexibility in meal times and a place for children to play. Staying in a residential area can also provide a more authentic experience of Parisian life.

On the other hand, hotels offer convenient amenities like daily housekeeping, on-site dining, and often include concierge services, which can greatly assist in planning activities and navigating the city. Hotels are generally located closer to major tourist attractions and transport links, making sightseeing easier, and offer a level of security and additional services such as babysitting that might be lacking in a private rental.

The choice ultimately depends on the family’s preferences for convenience, the desire for a local living experience, the length of the stay, and budget considerations, balancing the homeliness of an Airbnb with the comprehensive services of a hotel.

Parisian Hotels That Cater to Travelers with Children

Paris also offers a variety of kid-friendly hotels and resorts that cater to families looking for a comfortable stay with amenities suited for children. Below are a few we recommend for your trip to the French capital.

Le Bristol Paris

Le Bristol Paris is renowned for its luxury and exceptional service, making it a superb choice for families visiting Paris. The hotel offers spacious rooms and an exquisite rooftop pool that allows for a rare swimming experience in the heart of the city.

For families, Le Bristol provides amenities such as child-sized bathrobes and slippers, and the hotel staff can arrange for babysitting services, ensuring a comfortable stay for guests of all ages. Its location in the high-fashion district near the Élysée Palace also places guests within easy reach of premier shopping and cultural sites.

Hotel Le Meurice

Located near the Louvre and the Tuileries Garden, this hotel combines opulence with family-friendly amenities, including services tailored for children of all ages​. The hotel is attentive to younger guests, offering amenities like child-friendly bath products and custom welcome gifts.

Le Meurice also facilitates family experiences with services such as babysitting and family-friendly dining options, ensuring a luxurious and convenient stay for guests with children. Its central location is ideal for exploring nearby museums and parks.

Fraser Suites Le Claridge Champs-Elysées

Situated on the famous Champs-Elysées, Fraser Suites Le Claridge offers luxurious apartment-style suites that are ideal for families. The suites come equipped with full kitchens, providing the convenience of home cooking while away from home.

The location is perfect for families looking to explore the shopping and entertainment avenues of Paris, and the hotel offers amenities such as babysitting services to support family needs.

Hôtel Les Jardins de la Villa

Hôtel Les Jardins de la Villa, located in a quieter part of Paris, offers stylish accommodation with modern amenities that appeal to both adults and children. The hotel provides comforts such as free on-demand movies and Nespresso machines in the rooms.

For children, amenities like books and board games are available, making it a suitable option for families seeking a peaceful yet connected stay in Paris.

Hotel La Bourdonnais

Close to the Eiffel Tower, Hotel La Bourdonnais is an excellent choice for families exploring Paris. The hotel offers family rooms, providing the necessary space and comfort for guests traveling with children.

The décor, inspired by the adventures of the French naval officer La Bourdonnais, adds a unique historical touch to the stay. The hotel’s proximity to major attractions like the Eiffel Tower and its family-friendly accommodations ensure a memorable visit.

French Food to Order for Picky Children

If you don’t speak or read the local language but need to know which French cuisine to order for picky kids, we recommend the following. Encouraging children to try new foods is much-needed and admirable, but your evening out in a French restaurant might not be the best time! (We get it.)

  • Soupe à l’oignon (French Onion Soup): While it may be a hit or miss, the cheesy topping over this savory soup can make it appealing to kids.
  • Gratin Dauphinois: A creamy, cheesy potato dish that resembles scalloped potatoes. It’s rich and comforting, perfect for picky eaters.
  • Crêpes: You can’t go wrong with savory or sweet crepes! These thin pancakes can be filled with anything from simple sugar and butter to Nutella or strawberries, making them versatile and generally loved by kids.
  • Croque Monsieur: A toasted ham and cheese sandwich, often topped with a bit of creamy béchamel sauce. It’s tasty and filling, a sure hit with most children.
  • Poulet Frites: Simply chicken with fries. Many restaurants offer this simple, straightforward dish which is a staple for children globally.
  • Quiche: This savory pie comes in many varieties, such as quiche Lorraine (with bacon and cheese) and can be a good way to introduce kids to new flavors in a familiar format.
  • Omelette: Eggs are a safe choice for picky eaters, and omelettes in France are fluffy and often filled with cheese or ham.
  • Jambon-beurre: A classic French sandwich made with ham and butter on a baguette. It’s simple, but the quality of French bread and ham elevates it.

Now, You’re Ready for Your Trip to Paris with Kids!

Exploring Paris with children can transform a simple vacation into an extraordinary adventure filled with awe-inspiring experiences that your family will treasure forever. Whether marveling at the city’s iconic monuments, enjoying a leisurely picnic in one of its picturesque gardens, or engaging in interactive educational activities, Paris offers a diverse array of attractions that cater to the curious minds and playful spirits of all ages.

Remember to balance scheduled activities with spontaneous exploration, allowing both you and your children to fully embrace and enjoy the whimsical charm of Paris.

Have you traveled to Paris with kids? Let us know how your trip went in the comments below!