Throw a Bridgerton Themed Party

Everything You Need to Throw a Bridgerton Themed Party

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Just picture it: elaborate flower arrangements dripping with peonies, lilac, and wisteria, tiny tea sandwiches and other finger foods, vintage furniture flanking a winding garden path, classical music floating over the dance floor… These are the makings of a romantic spring or summer fête your guests will not soon forget. Whether for an afternoon tea party, a big birthday bash, a bridal shower, or a watch party to herald the new season, here are all of our top tips for throwing a Bridgerton themed party. There are a “ton” of ideas throughout this article (pun intended!) to ensure your Bridgerton inspired party is the bee’s knees. 

Iconic Bridgerton Parties from the Show

From Daphne’s season to that of Queen Charlotte, the Bridgerton world is known for its grand and opulent parties, which are central to the series’ plot and visual appeal. Whether outdoor tea parties or elegant balls, these events showcase the social and political dynamics of Regency era London, and they are where much of the drama unfolds. Let’s look back on a few of our favorites for inspiration!

The Bridgerton Ball

Hosted by the Bridgerton family, this ball is a quintessential event where much of the social elite of Regency London gather. The ball is not only a showcase of wealth and status but also a strategic arena for the Bridgertons to cement their social standing and secure advantageous matches for the family’s eligible bachelors and debutantes. The atmosphere is charged with the undercurrents of romantic interests, secret liaisons, and societal pressures, all set against a backdrop of exquisite gowns, formal dances like waltzes, and meticulously prepared estates.

The Danbury Diamond Ball

Lady Danbury, a revered and somewhat intimidating figure within the series, hosts this ball. Known for its opulence and the elite status of its attendees, the Danbury Ball features some of the most elaborate costumes and decorations seen in the series. It’s an event where members of the ton can mingle with royalty, making it a crucial venue for those looking to elevate their social status during the Bridgerton era.

This grand event is hosted in honor of the season’s diamond, Daphne Bridgerton, during the first season of the show. Lady Danbury, a prominent and influential character in London’s high society, organizes the ball to showcase Daphne to eligible bachelors and their families, highlighting her as the most desirable match of the season. The ball also serves as a critical plot device, unveiling new alliances and rivalries that influence the course of the social season.

The Sharma Haldi Ceremony

This ceremony marks a departure from the typical Regency customs depicted in the series, introducing the audience to a traditional Indian ceremony. The Haldi ceremony involves applying a turmeric paste to the bride and groom, believed to bless them before their wedding. This event, filled with rich colors, traditional Indian attire, and cultural music, not only adds depth to the characters involved but also showcases “Bridgerton’s” commitment to diversity and cultural representation. It’s a vibrant and intimate affair that allows for personal and touching interactions between characters.

The Trowbridge Ball

This ball is especially significant for the debutantes of the season, who are officially introduced to society here. The Trowbridge Ball is a mix of excitement and anxiety for newcomers as they make their first impressions on potential suitors and the scrutinizing eyes of the ton. This memorable event is crucial for setting the social prospects of these young women and often determines their success or failure in securing a suitable match. The ball encapsulates the pressures of Regency-era matchmaking and societal expectations in a night filled with dancing, elegant attire, and social maneuvering.

The Flower Show

Although not a ball, the Flower Show is another important social event in the series, focusing on the competitive display of floral arrangements by various families. While ostensibly about flowers, the event is rife with social politics, as characters engage in subtle power plays and romantic courtship under the guise of admiring the beauty of the blooms. It’s a daylight event that contrasts the more formal, evening gatherings and showcases different facets of social interaction and rivalry.

Let’s Plan a Bridgerton-Inspired Garden Party!

This spring or summer, step back in time and host your very own “Bridgerton” themed garden party, perfect for those who delight in romance, elegance, and a touch of historical flair. Gather your guests for an enchanting afternoon amidst blooming flowers and the melodious sounds of a string quartet, bringing the Regency era to life.

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Dress in your finest empire-waist gowns and encourage gentlemen to don their crispest tailcoats. Decorate with lush floral arrangements, set tables with vintage china, and light the area with twinkling lanterns to create a truly magical setting. Whether sipping on fragrant teas or dancing under the stars, your “Bridgerton” inspired party will be the highlight of the social season, filled with delightful indulgences and sophisticated charm.

Selecting Stunning Stationery for Your Invitations

For a garden party like a “Bridgerton” themed event, there are several stationery brands that offer elegant and beautifully designed invitations that draw inspiration from nature. Remember, this invitation is your first chance to entice all your guests—even those unfamiliar with the Bridgerton universe. Make it count! Consider one of the following retailers for your invites, or design your own!


Papier is beloved for its sophisticated and elegant stationery designs, which are achieved through collaborations with various artists and designers. The brand emphasizes high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship.

This dedication to quality and design makes Papier’s products not only functional but also beautifully crafted keepsakes. The above might be a wedding invitation, but it is so gorgeous that we had to include it. You can edit the text for your Bridgerton themed party!

Paper Source

This brand is a favorite for those seeking creative and high-quality stationery. Paper Source offers a variety of nature-inspired invitations, including designs with floral prints, natural textures, and delicate details.

Rifle Paper Co.

Renowned for its whimsical and hand-painted designs, Rifle Paper Co. provides invitations that often feature lush florals, botanical prints, and vibrant colors, making them perfect for a lively garden party. If timeless elegance is the goal, Rifle Paper Co. must be your go-to.

In collaboration with Paperless Post, Rifle Paper Co. now offers stunning virtual invitations. Summer Fling, Hydrangea Frame, and Framed Hydrangeas are our favorite designs for a Bridgerton themed party, but Hawthorne Arch would be lovely if planning a more formal event where ball gowns, top hats, and a luxurious setting are expected!


A great platform for discovering custom and handmade invitations from numerous independent designers. You can find a plethora of options tailored to “Bridgerton” aesthetics or general garden themes, with the ability to customize details to suit your exact preferences.

This shop offers a digital download designed to look just like a leaflet from Lady Whistledown. Cut down on paper waste without harshing the romantic glow of your themed event by sending these invites via email.

Setting the Agenda

Curious what to do during a Bridgerton themed party? Of course, your agenda will depend on the type of event (bridal or baby shower, bachelorette party, summer soiree, club luncheon, etc.), but we recommend a mix of dancing, garden games, and more.

For dancing and revelry, we suggest hiring a string quartet or a harpist to play classical music or orchestral versions of modern songs, akin to the “Bridgerton” soundtrack. Set up a dance area and perhaps offer a brief session on Regency dance steps to engage your guests. Arrange vintage seating in a way that encourages mingling and conversation, perhaps with small lounging areas around the garden.

Create a photo booth in your outdoor space with a “Bridgerton” backdrop, complete with props like feathered fans and period hats. Offer period-appropriate lawn games like croquet and lawn bowls, or card games such as whist. Provide snacks and finger sandwiches throughout the day, and last but not least, finish with a delicious dinner everyone will enjoy.

Picking the Perfect Flowers and Decor for Your Event

As you decorate, use fine china, crystal glassware, and polished silverware. Lace tablecloths and napkins with intricate designs can add a touch of luxury. Don’t forget about lighting! String lights, lanterns, and candles can create a soft, enchanting environment as the evening progresses.

Whether a Bridgerton inspired tea party or a dramatic ball, your party also calls for classical arrangements. Choose flowers that evoke the elegance and vibrancy of the Regency era, as well as the opulent and romantic aesthetic seen in the show, would be ideal.

Below are a few flowers that would fit beautifully into a “Bridgerton” themed garden party. We also recommend that you encourage guests to learn about the language of flowers—a silent method of communication for high society during the Victorian era and Regency period—by pulling quotes from our article here.

English Roses

Quintessentially romantic, roses are a must for any “Bridgerton” themed event. Opt for varieties in pastel shades like pink, lavender, and white to create a soft, romantic feel.


With their large, rounded flower heads, hydrangeas make a striking impact and fill spaces beautifully. They come in shades of blue, pink, purple, and white, which can match the “Bridgerton” color palette perfectly.

Wisteria and Lilacs

Draping wisteria with its cascading blooms can add an enchanting, fairy-tale quality to your garden party. Its lovely purple color is also quite distinctive and elegant. Known for their wonderful fragrance and delicate blooms, lilacs would add both visual and aromatic appeal to the party. They typically bloom in shades of purple and white, which are ideal for maintaining a soft, elegant theme.

Forget-me-nots and Foxgloves

These tiny blue flowers are not only beautiful but also symbolize true love and remembrance, fitting the romantic themes of “Bridgerton.” Tall spikes of foxgloves add height and drama to garden arrangements, and their bell-shaped flowers are both beautiful and slightly whimsical.

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With their striking spikes of blue flowers, delphiniums can provide a beautiful backdrop or a dramatic accent in your garden, complementing the overall “Bridgerton” aesthetic.


These lush, voluminous blooms are perfect for adding a touch of luxury and decadence. Their full petals and range of pastel hues make them a popular choice in sophisticated floral arrangements.

Making Up the Menu

A “Bridgerton” themed garden party menu should reflect the opulent and refined tastes of the Regency era, with a touch of modern sophistication. All the food should combine traditional flavors with a contemporary twist. For starters, may we suggest mini crab cakes served with a delicate saffron aioli, the British classic of cucumber sandwiches (ideal with earl grey tea), and stuffed mushrooms.

After the Appetizers

As for the main courses, thinly sliced roast beef wrapped around arugula and horseradish cream would echo the hearty yet refined main dishes of the era. Alternatively, chicken salad with fruit and nuts served in lettuce cups adds a touch of elegance while making service easy. Our favorite main would have to be a sophisticated Quiche Lorraine. This French touch that would have been admired in Regency England for its finesse.

On the side, serve grilled asparagus spears with a lemon butter sauce, deviled eggs garnished with caviar, and a fruit and cheese platter. And for dessert, you can’t beat mini pavlovas topped with fresh berries and a light cream, an olive oil cake, or petit fours.

What About Cocktail Hour?

Offer a variety of teas, including Earl Grey and English Breakfast, served both hot and iced. Sangria, which is basically a large bowl of punch made with sparkling wine, fruits, and floral notes like elderflower, is perfect for toasting and sipping throughout the event.

A “Regency Rum Punch” or a “Lavender Lemonade” is idea for a non-alcoholic option, both fitting the garden party theme. Create a signature cocktail, too, or learn how to turn any cocktail into a mocktail with our article on non-alcoholic spirits.

Now, You’re Ready to Host a Top-Tier Bridgerton Party!

With our party ideas in hand, we know your Bridgerton themed event will be the special occasion of the season—worthy of a Lady Whistledown feature and a mention in your own town’s society papers. Please send photos to our editor ( if you do indeed host a fabulous party this season!