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These Are the Best Arts Events in Salt Lake City

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While its reputation as an arts hub is still relatively underdeveloped, Salt Lake City truly is a destination for art lovers. Throughout 2024, Salt Lake City will host a range of fine art events that cater to emerging local artists, lifelong career artists, gallerists, and collectors. From Art in the Park Salt Lake City to exhibitions at This Is The Place Heritage Park to the annual Arts Festival, each event offers the unique opportunity of interacting personally with creators in a relaxed environment with stunning scenery. Read on to learn more so you don’t miss out on the city’s art scene!

The Best Art Events in Salt Lake City 2024

Utah Art Market Events

This series includes several seasonal markets, with the Spring Utah Art Market scheduled for April 23-27 at the High Point Center, and other fine art shows such as the Summer 135 Fine Art Show on June 15 at the Cottonwood Country Club, and the Fall 135 Fine Art Show on November 9, location to be determined​​.

Utah Arts Festival

A significant annual event from June 23-25, showcasing a broad range of art forms including visual arts, performance arts, and culinary arts, this festival attracts artists and audiences from across the nation​​.

Salt Lake Gallery Strolls

The Salt Lake Gallery Stroll is a monthly event that invites art enthusiasts to explore various galleries and visual art venues across the city. This event showcases a wide range of artworks, from contemporary pieces to fine art exhibitions, providing a platform for both established and emerging artists.

During the Gallery Stroll, visitors have the opportunity to meet artists, view new and ongoing exhibitions, and immerse themselves in Salt Lake City’s rich art culture. The event usually takes place on the third Friday of each month, offering a unique evening experience of art exploration throughout various neighborhoods in the city.

The Gallery Stroll supports a diverse array of galleries and art spaces, each bringing its own flavor to the event. For example, David Ericson Fine Art regularly participates by showcasing exhibitions of notable artists, while the Finch Lane Gallery at the historic Art Barn presents thematic exhibitions like “Artists of Utah’s 35×35: The Zillennial Edition.” Additionally, spaces like the Gateway Mall get involved by re-purposing vacant store windows for temporary installations from local artists and students, contributing to the vibrancy of Salt Lake City’s visual art scene​​.

For those interested in exploring Salt Lake City’s art scene, participating in the Gallery Stroll is a perfect way to start. It’s an enriching experience that connects the community with artists and their creations, fostering appreciation for the arts in a dynamic and accessible manner. More information about participating venues and specific exhibits can be found on the official Salt Lake Gallery Stroll website​​.

Museum Exhibitions

Courtesy of UtahMOCA

The Utah Museum of Fine Arts and the UtahMOCA host various exhibitions throughout the year. For example, “Pictures of Belonging: Miki Hayakawa, Hisako Hibi, and Miné Okubo” runs from February 24 to June 30, 2024 at the fine arts museum, showcasing artworks by three trailblazing women of Japanese descent​​.

Art Shows and Exhibitions

Various locations throughout Salt Lake City and its suburbs host art shows and exhibitions all year round, featuring work by local, national, and international artists. These events offer a wide range of art forms and styles, from photography to fine arts​​. Explore art ranging from classical to recent creations by attending shows at any of the many art galleries in SLC.

Modern West Fine Art

Established by Diane Stewart, Modern West Fine Art supports both established and emerging contemporary artists. The gallery, which relocated to a larger space in 2019, offers a rare chance to view works that reframe our understanding of the West​​, including the beauty of Utah.

15th Street Gallery

Located in the Sugarhouse area, this gallery features contemporary fine art from award-winning and emerging Utah artists. They also offer custom framing services and an extensive selection of unique gifts and jewelry​​.

HORNE Fine Art Gallery & Studio

A family-run gallery with deep roots in the Utah art scene, boasting experience from New York City, San Francisco, and Santa Fe. The gallery showcases original works with a variety of subjects, including cityscapes, landscapes, and portraits​​.

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA)

While not a traditional gallery, UMOCA offers contemporary art exhibitions and is available for private event rentals. They have a pay-what-you-can admission policy, making art accessible to everyone​​.

Finch Lane Gallery

Managed by the Salt Lake City Arts Council, Finch Lane Gallery hosts various exhibitions and is involved in community arts events like the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll​​.

Southam Gallery Fine Art & Sculpture

Celebrating over forty years of Utah fine art, Southam Gallery showcases a wide range of artists and styles, emphasizing the artistic heritage and contemporary creativity of the region​​.

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Hope Gallery

Specializes in a broad selection of genres, including modern art, portraits, landscapes, and religious art. The gallery features both historical and contemporary works​​.

Phillips Gallery

Known for celebrating Utah, regional, national, and international artists since 1965, Phillips Gallery is a staple in the Salt Lake City art community​​.

Which Events Will You Attend?

From the contemporary exhibitions at Modern West Fine Art to the living history museum at This Is The Place Heritage Park, there’s something for everyone to explore and enjoy. Whether you’re drawn to the traditional or intrigued by the avant-garde, SLC’s art scene invites you to immerse yourself in the creativity and innovation that define this dynamic city.

We encourage you to experience the art of SLC firsthand and share with us the events or galleries that captivate your imagination. Your journey through Salt Lake City’s art world promises to be as enriching as it is inspiring, so don’t hesitate to dive in and let us know which experiences you found most memorable!